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8 Souvenirs That Make Shopping In Hungary An Experience Worth The Time, Money, And Efforts

Collecting souvenirs from wherever they visit is every traveler’s dream. Luckily, shopping in Hungary is an interesting experience as there are a lot of unique items travelers can take home from this lovely country. From fruit liquors, porcelain dolls, paprikas, shirts to delightful sweets- Hungary is a shoppers paradise (if you know where to look).

Souvenirs from vacations often form a recollection point of great experiences around the world. While the entirety of a great holiday cannot be immortalized in our minds, the memorabilia purchased get tagged with an immense emotional value.

Surprisingly, shopping places in Hungary can be more interesting than they look from the outside. We recommend travelers to step into these quaint souvenir shops and look for the following things to take home-

1. Palinka


While in Hungary, travelers should definitely try, and even buy if they wish, the traditional fruit brandy of Hungary called Palinka. Due to certain protectionist rules by the government, this spirit cannot be found anywhere else in the world except Hungary and a small region of Austria.

With different varieties of the drink being sold all over the country, it is recommended for travelers going to Budapest either to stop by in the Jewish district and try the Abszolut Pálinka, or visit any Magyar Pálinka Háza store around the city.

2. Paprika


Paprika is one spice that Hungarians have made it completely their trademark. One of the top things to buy in Hungary, Paprika was brought into Hungary by the Turkish people 500 years ago, and since then it has become a staple food item for the locals.

Although Paprika is majorly produced in the towns of Kalocsa and Szeged, travelers won’t ever find one souvenir shop in the entire country that doesn’t have Paprika for sale in one form of another.

3. Sweets From Szamos

Sweets From Szamos

Like every other tourist destination, shopping in Hungary would be incomplete without adding a sweet finishing touch to the whole experience. While travelers may drool over chocolates from Switzerland, Churros in Spain, or Appeltaart in Netherlands, Hungary has its own confectionary delights in the city of Budapest.

Travelers can visit the famous Szamos Confectionary, and buy themselves sweets covered in chocolate, and a unique sweet dish which is essentially marzipan coated with red syrup and shaped like a rose.

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4. Hungarian Secret Box

Hungarian Secret Box

A curious souvenir item that can be found in shopping places in Hungary is the Secret Box. While it may look like a simple box from afar, the shopkeeper will show the customers how all the different panels slide to open different compartments. Hand carved by craftsmen, this souvenir could be a valuable gift for people who wish to keep their prized possessions somewhere safe and probably hidden.

5. Air From Budapest

Air From Budapest

Yes, Hungarians do have a good sense of humor as well. Every now and then, travelers would visit a country and have a completely perplexed expression looking at a certain souvenir. Roaming around Budapest, travelers are likely to come across shops having tin cans labelled “air from Budapest” on their shelves for sale.

As silly as it may sound, this is a humorous souvenir that doesn’t concentrate on profits, but on a funny premise that most souvenirs don’t have much use except lying at a decorative shelf, so its better to be creative with what travelers take back home from Budapest.

6. Traditional Hungarian Shirts

Traditional Hungarian Shirts

A common souvenir to buy around the world is the traditional attire of the region you are visiting. In the case of Hungary, the traditional Hungarian shirt is a good piece of clothing to buy without having to look too outlandish and hipster in everyday scenario.

In fact, a traditional Hungarian shirt adds a lot of vibrant colors and a fresh feel to the clothing attire. With a white base and small floral patterns done around it (mostly around the neck), the shirt is a hot seller among travelers who like to do cheap shopping in Hungary.

7. Mangalica Salami

Mangalica Salami

Another edible souvenir that makes this list of top things to buy in Hungary is the Mangalica Salami. Made from the Mangalica Pig, this protein is seasoned with Paprika (of course), and a variety of other herbs that makes this an absolutely mouth watering Hungarian delicacy.

8. Tokaji Wine

Tokaji Wine

Although the winemaking industry may not be huge in Hungary, but it sure has its own special Old World wine that gets consumed to this date. The Tokaji Wine is a fine variety of options like Dry, Szamorodni, Aszu, Eszencia, Fordiatas and Maslas. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that the Hungarian have such a sense of pride in their Tokaji wine that it even gets a mention in their national anthem.

Its packaging is sleek, stylish, and impressive for the relatively low price tag it carries. It is a very commonly used gift item exchanged on family dinners, and or special family occasions.

Head to Hungary and shop some fine souvenirs for an epic vacation. Hurry up and book a package to Europe via TravelTriangle to indulge in the shopping delights in magical Hungary.

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Luxury Adventure Camping On A Weekend In Rishikesh

An adventure packed vacation for Harkirat and her friends took them to thefoothills of Himalayas. Read all about their 1 night/2 days weekend trip to Rishikesh in which they experienced the thrill of river rafting for the first time ever.

  • Day 1: Trekking across to a gorgeous waterfall
  • Day 2: The thrill of navigating through the scary rapids

girls trip to rishikesh

nature in rishikesh

Rishikesh Package Details

Trip Cost: INR 3,600 per person on quad sharing basis
Trip Duration: 1 night/2 days
Month of Travel: April 2017
Inclusions: return ticket, accommodation, meals, and river rafting
Exclusions: entrance fee, return journey dinner

My friends and I wanted to make a habit of doing adventure sports during our free time. Therefore, river rafting in Rishikesh felt like a good starting point for a budding “to be” adventure junkie like me.

We had already traveled once on a weekend getaway with TravelTriangle on new year’s eve to Dhanaulti. Our experience with TravelTriangle was great and we had no complaints whatsoever. This meant that we already knew where to look for weekend holiday packages. Getting my friends on-board the idea of river rafting in the sweltering heat of April was an easy sell. Just like that, we were a group of 10 people booking a weekend getaway to Rishikesh.

friends trip to rishikesh

group trip to rishikesh

We were asked to gather outside Akshardham Metro station at 11 pm to board our bus to Rishikesh. As soon as everyone arrived, we began our night journey to Rishikesh. We stopped occasionally for tea or snacks to help us last the night.

Day 1: Trekking across to a gorgeous waterfall

trekking in rishikesh

scenic treks in rishikesh

adventure activity in rishikesh

We arrived in Rishikesh at 7 am and checked into the Vatika Luxury Camp. The location of the camp was very scenic, as it was located in the wilderness surrounded by mountains on two sides.Post breakfast, I decided to relax in the camp grounds while listening to music on my earphones. It really lifted my mood when I was surrounded by greenery and had my favorite songs playing in the background.

After a while, everyone assembled outside the campsite for the valley crossing adventure activity. My friends and I quickly went through with valley crossing and return to the camp around noon where we could relax and chill in the pool. Oh, what a relief it was! Taking a dip in a pool in that summer heat felt like the ideal way of spending my afternoon.

friends trip to rishikesht=”463″ />

DJ night in rishikesh

Later in the afternoon, our entire group went for a trek to the riverside. It was a very beautiful two hour trek that led us to a small diverged tributary of Ganga. The place became very scenic around sunset urging us to click lots of pictures. We returned to the camp in the evening, and got ready for the DJ night.

At night, the campsite had a DJ setup installed for us, along with snacks and dinner. That night was the best time for us to get to know other travelers, as all of us shared stories sitting around the campfire till midnight.

Day 2: The thrill of navigating through the scary rapids

The next day, we quickly had breakfast and got ready to check out of the resort and eventually head for river rafting. The headline event of our weekend trip was about to begin in Shivpuri, Rishikesh.

rafting in rishikesh

nature walks in rishikesh

For first timers like me, river rafting was an adrenaline rush like no other. At one point, our rafting experience got a little scary. As we were going through one of the rapids, the right ride of our raft tilted due to the force of the water and four people fell into the water. For a few seconds, we couldn’t see where they went, but thankfully, the force of the water took them out of the rapids and we pulled them out pretty quick.

As our rafting course ended, I got off the boat and got this amazing feel of having taken part in something that was beyond me. I gave a lot of credit to my friends who motivated me through this challenging activity.

Afterwards, we boarded the bus and started for our return journey to New Delhi. What an incredible weekend it was! Rishikesh gave us everything- be it rafting, camping, trekking, or picturesque scenery.

valley crossing in rishikesh

solo trip to rishikesh

group vacation to rishikesh

I really appreciate this weekend group travel concept started by TravelTriangle. It provides a safe option for girls who want to start traveling solo or in small groups. In the future, I would definitely feel comfortable in exploring other weekend destinations TravelTriangle Weekend Getaways has to offer.

High Points:

  • The first time river rafting experience was incredible.
  • Trek to the riverside was a pleasant surprise on the first day.

Low Points:

  • After the rafting tour finishes, the organizers can try and provide a changing room for girls.

Adventure begins in Rishikesh! Book your Rishikesh weekend getaway and live life on the edge!

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Guide To Udon Thani Shopping: The Perfect Way To Spend Your Weekend

Our guide to Udon Thani shopping includes high end malls to local market serving local handicrafts products and other essential items. One of the most common things in Udon Thani’s market is that, live musical performances along with rock band and pop songs can be enjoyed live. This also helps in keeping the talent of people intact and more new horizons for exposure. For those of you who’re planning a trip to Thailand soon, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a detailed list of 6 Udon Thani shopping spots. We suggest you to head to these incredible places to shop for valuables, food, furnishings and more:

1. Night Market

Night Market

If you want to see Thailand in real sense, then Udon Thani night market is one of the finest places to go. This market is located right in front of the station and getting a space to park the car is more like an achievement here especially on weekends. This market is bifurcated in two different sections portraying as one whole market. One part of the market is the Centrepoint which also leads towards the railway station while the other part is the newly erected Lum Udon Market.

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2. Landmark Plaza

Landmark Plaza

Landmark Plaza is becoming the buzz of the town; apart from tourist and expats, local people also love to come here and spend some time here. This Plaza is accompanied by Kidzoona, a play zone for kids. Children simply love to spend their time here and parents love watching them. There are plenty of shops pooled with different items like clothing, games, handicrafts etc. they items and play zone for kids are available at an affordable price and does not create a burden on visitors.

3. Na Kha Local Market

Na Kha Local Market

The crux of this market is to help the visitors understand the lifestyle of the local people here. People can find boats flooded with items and readymade food to be served. Taking a boat ride is one the good adventure. It is not always necessary to go and witness the loud noise of pubs; instead sometimes it is good to spend some time in peace and tranquility. Foreign visitors come here to actually witness the real life of local Thailand and how people earn their living.

4. Udon City Walking Street

Udon City Walking Street

Udon City Walking Street is located in a suitable ambience right in front of the Chinese Temple along the side of Walking Street. Visitors who are strolling on the streets of Walking Street will be able to catch a glimpse of some live performances. These performances vary from classic rock performance to pop band performance. This place is more known for music and live performances. It is more like a blessing for the music lovers to sit and enjoy live performances.

5. Central Plaza

Central Plaza

One of the biggest malls in Udon Thani, people love to go over there and shop. This mall is flooded with local visitors especially on weekends, and for the foreign tourists it is more like bringing the entire Thailand market under one single roof. The food court right on the top offers lip smacking Thai cuisines at an affordable price; while for shopaholics it is also a blessing as they get whatever they have thought about. They have a lot of variety like clothing, art and handicrafts, souvenirs, wines etc.

6. Great Market

Great Market

This market is also divided into two sections: one part dealing with eateries, snacks and local food that could be packed and taken while the other one selling clothes, accessories, phone accessories, kitchen supplies, groceries and plenty of other items. All of the items including food are available at an affordable price and people love shopping here. Also it should be noted that shops here offer genuine and real products not the fake one. The prices here are considerably low in comparison to the mall rate.

7. Floating Market

Floating Market

No trip is complete without a shopping spree and especially when it comes to shopping in a different city. Udon Thani consists of plenty of local markets especially the floating markets. These floating markets consist of either items kept for the purpose of selling, or cooking fresh food and selling them. People buying the local food sit down there itself near the bank of canal and enjoy their food. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride of the canal and enjoying the fresh delicacies at the same time like soup and dumplings.

Plan a trip to Thailand and keep this guide handy for tips and tricks to indulge in shopping in Udon Thani. A fabulous shopping experience is incomplete without friends, so make sure to take your friends along and have the greatest time of your life in Thailand.

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A Little Guide To The Incredible Baie Ternay Marine National Park

Not too huge, not too little, this mid-sized beach, Baie Ternay, is on the west coast of Mahé. The popularity of this truly beautiful marine park might soon exceed the exotic Bora Bora, owing to its snorkeling trends and scuba dives.Once you stretch your sight you can actually see across 20 KMs in the beautiful blue ocean, your sight might even catch the glimpse of the Silhouette Island. Famous for its sunset views, the place is explored as a picnic spot. Then there is the colorful biodiversity that you cannot possibly miss, makes for a real highlight. Heads up: Watch out for the whales and white sharks between the waves. The glitch of whites upon the blue waves will definitely catch your attention.

History of Baie Ternay Marine National Park

History of Baie Ternay Marine National Park

Declared a National Park in 1979, the Baie Ternay Marine National Park had its claim to fame due to “the unique biodiversity of its underwater life” quoting a scientific paper presented by G Domingue, R Payet and N Shah back in 1979. Years have passed and since then a number of scientific research and monitoring programmes have concluded that Baie Ternay reef has grown to be one of the most resilient carbonate reefs of the inner granitic islands of Seychelles.

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Flora and fauna of Baie Ternay National Park

Flora and fauna of Baie Ternay National Park

The explicit beauty of the Island is heightened by its exotic wildlife and vegetation. Curieuse, frequented by the Hawksbill Turtles, happens to be a primary nesting site for them. The Island also homes a variety of bright tropical reef fish, flaunting an array of colors. Then there is the surprising population of large parrot fish. The Park has gained all the fame for the casual sightings of whale sharks. When in Season, the leisurely genteel and huge sea-giants swim and laze around feeding on the rich plankton of the park.

Flora: Intricate Coral Reefs: A 1996 study by the Tropical Marine Research Unit of the University of York (UK) revealed a recorded number of 69 different species of coral in the Baie Ternay Marine Park. Baie Ternay is one of three beaches with the highest coral diversity.

Fauna: Home to the Shark families: Matching the diversity of coral reefs of the area the marine life has also flourished over the years and the bay area has become an extremely important habitat for whales and white sharks. A number of species of the shark and ray family can be easily sighted in the waters. It seems that the beach is a nursery of Lemon sharks and what else, it also happens to be an important resting zone for numerous species of a sting ray. The beach is home to the endangered hawksbill turtle, a habitat for foraging juvenile turtles. There were sightings of 40 hawksbills and 15 green turtles in 2013.
Watch out for: Hawksbill Turtles, reef fish, parrot fish, whale sharks

How to reach Baie Ternay Marine National Park

How to reach Baie Ternay Marine National Park

By Air: Fly to Seychelles International Airport (IATA: SEZ, ICAO: FSIA), or Aéroport de la Pointe Larue in French. It is the international airport of Seychelles located on the island of Mahé near the capital city of Victoria. The distance to the Island from the airport is 25.4 KM, about an hour drive but the roads are mostly inaccessible, so it is better to use local boat charters or tours.
By Train: Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles does not have any option to travel via road on a train.
By Road: The Island of Seychelles is connected by 400 kilometers of paved road network. Though it’s not really maintained and is outside major urban areas.
It’s not too difficult to get to the beach but there is no parking next to the beach so the bus will stop by a little farther from the beach and the travelers will have to commute on foot. It’s just a 5 minutes walk anyway. The closest parking of the car is just a little walk.
For route details, see the zone-wise map of Baie Ternay Marine National Park.

Best time to visit Baie Ternay Marine National Park

Best time to visit Baie Ternay Marine National Park

Depending on how you plan your holiday, choose the best time. The Sychelles weather is hot and humid from November through March owing to the Northwest trade winds and the weather transitions to a cooler degree April onwards, through October owing to the Southwest trade winds. The best weather is the transition seasons. Plan your trips around April, May, or October, November.

Entrance Fee for Baie Ternay Marine National Park


Each and every non-resident adult who will be entering the Marine National Parks must carry a valid ticket. The tickets are to be purchased from the listed ticket-outlets. Everyone entering is supposed to show the tickets when asked by the park rangers and daily routine patrols. Tickets are to be surrendered or retained of asked.

Adults: SCR200
Children under the age of 12: Free
Opening Hours: Baie Ternay Marine National Park: All Marine National Parks in Seychelles are open daily, (including public holidays). Ticket Outlets: Port Launay Ranger Base: 0900 hrs-1700 hrs daily | SCMRT-MPA HQ, Victoria: Mon-Fri 0800 hrs-1600 hrs
Mooring Fee: Overnight mooring charges applicable are Euro 10 per yacht.
Filming Fee: Euro 200 for film crews and professional photographers.
For filming it is essential to get a written permission from the Management of the Marine Park Authority (MPA) before going forward with any commercial filming.

Highlight of Baie Ternay National Park

  • Amazing view: The beach is a part of the Baie Ternay national park which offers view of underwater bliss, amazing coral reefs, and beautiful marine life.
  • Lovers and Adventurers: It’s the ideal lover’s spot and a budding adventure dome.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: The beaches are pristine, but more interestingly they are the hub of snorkeling and scuba diving, all thanks to the magnificent underwater scenery.
  • Clear waters, Coral Reefs: The waters here are crystal clear and shallow, best for water-sports and the incredible coral reefs stand right next to the shore.
  • Perfect Sunset: Sunbathers’ Mecca the beach is famous for its sunset views and incredibly picturesque captures.
  • The best place to relax: Go for the day and indulge. Relax a bit and sunbathe. Capture the picturesque seascapes, catch a glimpse of Morne Seychellois peak, the highest in the Island.

Already excited to take a trip to Baie Ternay Marine National Park? You can go on a serene vacation in Seychelles to and explore the best of its nature.

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Enter The World Of Webtoons At This Cartoon Cafe In South Korea

This cartoon cafe in South Korea is a bizarre eatery, inspired by the fantasy world of cartoons. ‘Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20‘ is based on the theme of a hit Korean TV show called, ‘W – Two Worlds’, featuring Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo. In this fantasy-romance series, the characters switch between “two worlds” – the real one and the webtoon world.

This unique cafe was opened in July 2017 and is located in the popular district of Yeonnam-dong. The name of the cafe is actually its address.

Café Yeonnam-dong 239-20 is where the reality dines the imaginary. The monochrome design of this eatery creates a 2D optical illusion which makes you feel as if you are inside a cartoon strip illustration. Everything here, right from the walls to floors, from furniture to doors, and even the cutleries, stick to the black and white color theme. Every element of the cafe is in white and is outlined with stripes of black, making it look like a cartoon, sketched on a paper. The walls also have illusionary windows with 3D effect and comic strips plastered on them.
This 20-seater cafe has gained a lot of praises and is often crowded. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11am to 9pm and is closed Mondays. The menu is concise and Lattes are the highlights. If you ever get a chance to visit South Korea, Café Yeonnam-dong 239-20 has to be on your bucket-list, at least for your Instagram sake.

So, don’t wait anymore and to the coolest cafe. Pack your bags and book your next trip to South Korea with TravelTriangle

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10 Homestays In Ladakh: The Finest Gems Of Ladakhi Hospitality And Traditions

The real essence of a holiday in Ladakh lies not just in its tourist attractions and activities. It also lies in that homely and traditional Ladakhi hospitality that one can only experience through a stay at any of the best homestays in Ladakh. Brilliant services, homegrown food, caring owners, surreal views, lavish services – who would like to stay at expensive hotels when you get all of this and more at dirt cheap rates!

The next time you head to Ladakh on your bikes and land cruisers, make sure you get a taste of the most authentic experience that this paradise has to offer and share the culture of the local Ladakhi people in remote villages. So, when are you going?

We’ve tailored for you a list of the finest Ladakh homestays where each offers something unique. Scroll down and take your pick:

1. Tukchu Homestay

stay at Tukchu Homestay in ladakh

The respectable Tukchu Homestay is owned and run by the hospitable family of Tashi Gyaltsen and is among those cheap homestays in Leh where you can enjoy grand services without shedding a penny from your pocket. One of the most sought after homestays in Leh, this 100-year old home has an awesome local ambience and ultra spacious rooms. When staying here, you can enjoy cleanliness, tasty meals, comfortable services, and homelike warmth amid dreamy interiors. One of the It is incredibly close to Shanti Stupa and other famous tourist attractions of Leh.

Location: Changspa | Below Shanti Stupa, Leh 194101
Prices Starting At: INR 974/-
Google Rating: 4.7 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5
TripAdvisor Reviews

Kashmir Tour Packages On TravelTriangle

Visit Kashmir and experience skiing in Gulmarg, trekking through the breathtaking mountains lakes, trout fishing in Sonmarg and a romantic stay in houseboats in Jhelum River. Book packages inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals.

2. Gangs Shun Homestay

stay in ladakh at Gangs Shun Homestay

Another one of those cheap homestays in Ladakh, Gangs Shun is situated in a prime location of Leh. Tucked in the midst of green fields of Barley and orchids, Gangs Shun is popular for the majestic views of Himalayas it offers, as well as the comfort and hospitality it’s hosts provide. Owned by Dr. Tsering Morup, the Gangs Shun has earned its respectable place amid all the Ladakh homestays. Along with spacious rooms equipped with all facilities. One can also savor the traditional home cooked Ladakhi cuisine during their stay here.

Location: Upper Tukcha, Leh 194101
Prices Starting At: INR 980/-
Google Rating: 4.6 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

3. Niri-La Ladakh Guest House

stay in ladakh at Niri-La Ladakh Guest House

Niri La Ladakh Guest House is the most comfortable abode to live in on Chhubi road that offers warm hospitality and spacious rooms with a river or mountain view from each window. The guest house is located just 600m away from the main bazaar in Leh and a mere 500 m from the Soma Gompa. A great name amid the cheap homestays in Ladakh, Niri La provides free WiFi, parking space, and bikes on hire.

Location: Chhubi Road, Leh 194101
Prices Starting At: INR 1,234/-
Google Rating: 4.5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

4. Jimmy’s Homestay

stay in ladakh at Jimmy's Homestay

Owned and run by the friendly Jigmet (Jimmy) and his affable parents, Jimmy’s Homestay will make you feel as if you’re staying inside your own house, only with breathtaking views of Ladakh all around! Jimmy’s mother is an excellent cook and will serve you the most delicious home-cooked (and homegrown!) breakfast and dinner! Guests can use the kitchen to cook the lunch themselves with the staff’s help (at an additional cost). Rustic and spacious, the rooms are cozy and clean with 24 hour hot water and awesome views. The homestay shall also provide bikes on rent.

Location: Upper Tukcha Road, near Hotel Gawaling International, Leh 194101
Prices Starting At: INR 1,494/-
Google Rating: 4.5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

5. Khangsar Deluxe Guest House

stay in ladakh at Khangsar Deluxe Guest House

Located about 10 minutes drive south of Leh in Choglamsar, Khangsar Tibetan Home is one of the few homestays in this area. Its set in the heart of this tiny village that serves as an important regional center for Buddhism and is inhabited only by Tibetan refugees. For getting around one can hire any of the inexpensive cabs that run from this point regularly. It surely is one of the best homestays in Ladakh, and while staying in this ultra comfortable space with all facilities, one can forget all the worries in the world while the congenial host arranges everything demanded by the guests.

Location: Yurt Ungi Road, Upper Karzoo, Choglamsar, Leh 194101
Prices Starting At: INR 1,500/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 5
TripAdvisor Reviews

6. Gangba Homestay

stay in ladakh at Gangba Homestay

Often counted among the best homestays in Ladakh, Gangba never fails to impress its guests with its comfortable services and homely feel. It is the best place to stay for groups, families, and even couples. Here, you can enjoy day to day activities with the Ladakhi people, explore the expansive fields of Leh, listen to the melodious sounds of the blue magpie chirp from the poplar trees. Other than this, you can also go for trekking, visit monasteries, and try your hand at cooking in the kitchens of Gangba. Don’t miss out of the stunning views of the Milky Way star trail right from the terrace at night!

Location: Upper Tukcha Road, Leh 194101, India
Prices Starting At: INR 1,688/-
Google Rating: 4.6 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

7. Adu’s Eternal Comfort

stay in ladakh at Adu's Eternal Comfort

Listed among the grandest and most comfortable Ladakh homestays, Adu’s definitely lives up to its name of providing eternal comfort to travelers! From the delicious food, services, views, to the awesome hospitality, everything about this place is commendable. The property has been recently reconstructed in traditional style, but one will find all modern facilities and interiors inside. The nine guest rooms in this place overlook the front garden and each have their own porches. A communal sitting area in the garden, free WiFi, and 24 hour running hot water are some of the most important features of this homestay.

Location: Upper Tukcha Road, Lower Changspa, Leh 194101
Prices Starting At: INR 1,883/-
Google Rating: 4.4 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5
TripAdvisor Reviews

8. Reeyork Homestay

enjoy a stay at Reeyork Homestay in ladakh

Located in Chubi, Reeyork Homestay is a quiet abode away from Central Leh. The family-run establishment offers peace, comfort, and all the basic amenities to visitors. Surrounded by the pristine and rugged beauty of Ladakh on all sides, Reeyork has lovely orchards and gardens laden with fruit trees. Being one of the most beautiful Ladakh homestays, this peaceful sanctum has thirteen spacious, well-appointed rooms with attached bathroom to make your stay comfortable. Reeyork is also known for its delicious Ladakhi food.

Location: Chubi, Leh 194101, India
Prices Starting At: INR 1,950/-
Google Rating: 4.7 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

9. Ladakh View Homestay

see stunning views from Ladakh View Homestay

Situated right next to Leh Palace, this homestay is true to its name. It offers the most stunning views of the rugged terrains of Ladakh in the distance and the Leh Palace n its side. If you come to Ladakh looking for homelike hospitality and cosy guests houses that don’t dime a dozen, then Ladakh View Homestay is the right place for you! Offering comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms, free Wi-Fi access, delicious meals, this Ladakh homestay is located at a walking distance from the Leh bus stand.

Location: Old Leh, Near Leh Palace, Leh 194101, India
Prices Starting At: INR 3,377/-
Google Rating: 5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

10. Leh Stumpa Homestay

stay in ladakh at Leh Stumpa Homestay

The family that owns this homestay takes special care of all the guests who stay here. Big-hearted and generous, the owners provide every bit of comfort, laish services, delicious meals, and travel arrangements to their guests. The Ladakhi meals come from the organic farms nearby. The traditional interiors and decor will give you the feeling of living in a Ladakhi house! The newly constructed guest rooms provide gorgeous views of the garden and snowy mountains beyond, and have big bathrooms with 24 hour running hot water.

Location: Upper Tukcha Road | Leh Stumpa Tukcha, Leh 194101
Prices Starting At: INR 77,922/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 5
TripAdvisor Reviews

Picked one yet? Let us know in the comments below which of these homestays in Ladakh you’ll be visiting this summer. And if you haven’t already planned a trip, then book a customized Ladakh tour package from TravelTriangle for the best deals and utter thrill!

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7 Haunted Places In Malaysia That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You!

Whether you are a staunch believer of the paranormal or a skeptic resting on cold logic, haunted places have something to offer to everyone. While it may further strengthen your belief, whichever side of the coin you may be on, the most haunted places in Malaysia possess the capacity of giving you some spine-chilling moments like none other.

And the sheer thrill of having experiencing such levels of paranormality, can only be felt at these haunted places in Malaysia that are only meant for the bravehearts.

1. Karak Highway

Karak highway

The Karak Highway is one of the most notorious haunted places in Malaysia. Connecting Genting Highlands with Cameron Highlands, two of the most famous tourist destinations, the long and winding E8 Expressway has witnessed way too many accidents. Some unconfirmed sightings are of a lost young boy searching for his mother and of a yellow Volkswagen that continues indefinitely in line once you overtake it. Oh, and did we mention, the Volkswagen does not have a driver! Brr… Creepy!

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2. Villa Nabila


Movie buffs will be able to connect this location with the 2015 Malaysian horror film by the same name. As the legend goes, a house help, in a fit of intense jealousy, killed all the family members residing in this villa. She buried their bodies all over the premises but surprisingly, even the investigators could not locate their remains. The spot came into focus once again in 2013 when 23 teenagers were reported to have gone missing at Villa Nabila!

3. Pudu Jail

Pudu Jail

Jails have a history of unfulfilled wishes of freedom, much like the spirits that cannot transcend to the afterlife. Constructed during the British regime, the Pudu Jail confined over 2000 prisoners of war during the Second World War. Visitors experienced unnaturally hot and cold spots in various pockets of the prison. The execution chamber often burst into screams even though it was apparently empty. Despite the fact that it was demolished in 2009 and a commercial development took its place, strange activities are still reported occasionally.

4. Nibong Tebal 99-door Mansion


Image Courtesy:nosurplus

This place resembles the infamous Winchester House. Once occupied by a wealthy family, the mansion stands abandoned for the past 50 years since a gruesome murder. A local witch doctor then settled into its deserted corridors and used the twisted past of the mansion to contact the unseen. The estate is said to be cursed, and locals refuse to even skirt the area as dusk sets. The place carries an overwhelming aura of foreboding misery punctuated by evil, inhuman sounds.

5. Aeroplane Bungalow

Deteriorated Jail Cells

Mona Fandey, a famous witch doctor, was charged and proven guilty for the murder of the then-politician, Mazlan Idris. Assisted by her husband, the duo chopped up and skinned his body beyond recognition. At the gallows, Mona’s last words were “Saya tidak akan mati” which translates to “I will never die.” The reputation of Aeroplane Bungalow, Fendy’s residence, proves her parting words. It is a hotspot for supernatural occurrences and black magic residue left in the aftermath of her execution.

6. First World Hotel

First World Hotel

A posh hotel bang in the middle of Genting Highlands may seem like the last place to make it on this list of haunted places in Malaysia. However, the First World Hotel is quite an exception. Unexplained activities are credited to the spirits of those who committed suicide on losing everything at the resort’s casino. Guests in the pink of their health fall sick for no reason. Even the hotel authorities would not rent out some of the total 6118 rooms since they are said to be cursed. The 21st floor is kept vacant at all times, even when the hotel is at full capacity. Interestingly, it is also the same floor that the elevator skips during every round.

7. Shih Chung Branch School


The former school is tainted by the remains of the torture inflicted during the Second World War. Transformed into the military administrative building by the Japanese, the “school” became a slaughterhouse. Covered in wild and untamed overgrowth, the mere sight of the school is enough to give you goose flesh. The bereaved and abandoned state of the spot can induce shudders. Visitors have been overcome by inexplicable attacks of hysteria and have reported the sightings of Japanese soldiers’ apparitions.

While the daredevils may risk anything to go to the next level, it is always sensible not to mess with the paranormal world. However, if the spirit of adventure beckons you, these haunted places are a must-visit for you on your next trip in Malaysia.

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Shopping In Lisbon: 10 Irresistible Places For Your Next Shopping Spree!

Lisbon stays Western Europe’s minimum costly capital and shopping is additionally a social ordeal, particularly when visiting notable stores like the little “Luvaria Ulisses” glove shop and “Casa das Velas do Loreto” for candles. Lisbon’s shopping is second to none, with everything from idiosyncratic little stores offering customary knickknacks up to more contemporary boutiques and wash stores that stock all the most recent mold, innovation and devices. Shopping in Lisbon will surely be a great experience as not only the markets are cheap but also have a traditional touch in them.

So you’ve arrived in the Portuguese capital, registered with your convenience, seen the principal sights and now you need to spend a portion of those well-deserved Euros, however where? Here is the list of places for shopping in Lisbon.

1. Avenida Da Liberdade

clothes shopping in Lisbon

For clothes shopping in Lisbon, Avenida Da Liberdade is a great site. If you are searching for Universal brands then the best activity is strolling down Avenida Da Liberdade and exploring the market. Here you will discover brands, for example, Luis Vuitton, Emporio Armani and in addition Trussardi, Burberry, Longchamp, and Escada. It’s a dazzling road where you can shop and relish meals at the bistros .

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2. Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta is arranged in one of the busiest quarters of Lisbon. Here you can shop in huge European chain-stores like Zara, Mango or H&M or, close to the curve, you will discover merchants offering all of your sort of things from neck-scarves to adornments, from shoes to hand-made sacks, and more. Rua Augusta is another popular clothes shopping center in Lisbon.

3. Centro De Oportunidades El Corte Ingles

 cheap shopping centers in Lisbon

This is one of the cheap shopping centers in Lisbon. El Corte Inglês offers articles of any brand and range that are sold particularly in its retail establishment in Lisbon. The store is situated outside Lisbon, in the city of Amadora, in the core of the Dolce Vita Tejo strip mall. So, head to this market in Portugal to buy some cheap stuff which will be easy on your pockets.

4. Manteigaria


At Manteigaria there are no mysteries. The baked goods are made directly in front of the clients and are served warm. You may appreciate one at the counter or take them home with you in a container particularly made for this reason. You can’t leave Lisbon without tasting the firm hull and sweet custard of Manteigaria’s Pastel De Nata! This is one of the best shops in Lisbon.

5. Freeport Lisbon Mold Outlet

Freeport Lisbon Mold Outlet

The Freeport is situated at the town of Alcochete. With its 140 shops, the Freeport Lisbon Mold Outlet is the biggest outlet in Europe. Explore the 140 shops and shop stuff like clothes, bags, jewellery and sport items. It is the city center of shopping in Lisbon and so, you can easily spot families shopping there. Do visit the famous market where you can explore 140 different shops.

6. Fashion Clinic

Fashion Clinic

From shoes and adornments to books and music, Fashion Chic is an exclusive store where one can buy everything at one spot. With so much extravagance under one rooftop, you’ll hardly need to shop at anyplace else in Lisbon. It is a place popular for luxury shopping in Lisbon.

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7. Eureka

shoe shopping center in Lisbon

It is a renowned shoe shopping center in Lisbon. Eureka offers quality shoes in Lisbon since 2010 and is trusted by all the locals. Situated at the Chiado locale, the shoe shop is famous among travelers also as it has great designs and good quality products. Head here to buy shoes which are intricately made and have a unique design.

8. Centro Colombo

Centro Colombo

Centro Colombo offers the most elating shopping encounters in Lisbon. Being home to somewhere around 400 stores, Centro Colombo is one of the biggest strip malls on the Iberian Landmass. The inside highlights are the ten film lobbies, an entertainment mecca, and about 65 eateries.

9. Bairro Alto

shopping street in Lisbon

Bairro Alto is a shopping street in Lisbon and is the core of bohemian culture. There you’ll discover eateries, bars and numerous stylish shops. A few shops remain open till late night and you can roam around the streets at night.

10. Chiado


A standout amongst the most exquisite areas in the city, to see and be seen in. Chiado region resuscitated after a horrible fire in late 80’s that obliterated piece of it and there you can see numerous rich shops, recorded libraries and alluring cafés. It is a great place for shopping in Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon is packed with both standard malls and conventional shops customized to suit the shopping tastes of customers. So, pick your shopping spot, pack your bags and book a trip to Lisbon with Traveltriangle to shop till you drop in one of the best city of Portugal.

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New York Travel Guide: Eat, Shop And Explore The Best Of This Urban Abode Of USA!

Is visiting New York is on your bucket list as well? New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations where people manage to spend some luxurious day exploring the colourful city and its culture. This place offers spectacular tourist attractions spots. It is impossible when it comes to exhausting the possibilities of this city as the city lives on high energy. The New York travel guide 2018 is stated below. Make sure that you are checking all the sections carefully in order to have a successful trip.

Amazing season and weather

If you’re asking what is the best time to explore the lands of New York then the answer is anytime. Every season of this place offers a plethora of things which the visitors can enjoy. Whether it is the bright sun and the comfortable temperature during the summer season or the early fall, which offers the visitor with crisp breezes or during the winter you get to encounter the Thanksgiving parade or other holiday decorations.

When you are visiting this place when there is a maximum crowd of tourist then you will be spending more as the hotel prices will go higher. If you want to make the tour affordable then you will have to visit it during the mid-January. Most of the visitors love to visit this place during the month of September because it is time to enjoy a pleasant and warm temperature.

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JFK Airport

The best way to reach the city is travelling through airways. There are not 1 but 5 airports in the city that make travelling even more hassle-free. The top airport is, however, is John F. Kennedy International airport.

If you are thinking of exploring the land of New York then you will need to spend a lot of time here, but one can target to make this trip complete in 7 days. During this time, you will be able to visit important places. Try to utilize every second, make sure you are planning everything from the beginning. There is a chance of your trip getting disturbed due to New York weather as it is unpredictable at times, but ensure that you are carrying enough amenities to help you in such situations.

While you’re in New York make sure to visit these places and explore the best of the city.

1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty view

Preserving the iconic spirit of this place for several years, this place symbolizes the Gateway to America through which nearly 12 million immigrants entered with the hope of beginning or new life. When you will be visiting this place you will get a deeply personal perspective about the people who have entered this Great Hall and the difficulties which they have faced. You will be completely immersed in an audio tour of 45 minutes and try to grab the combo tickets which includes a round trip to the statue of Liberty. You will have to reserve the tickets to the Crown Of Lady Liberty and base separately. You will have to climb 400 steps in order to reach the top.

2. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge view

In order to enjoy the essence of New York, you can see the traffic flow which is gliding with an elevated walkway for the pedestrian and this is encountered on the Brooklyn bridge which is one of the most celebrated bridges of New York. Watching the sunset and sunrise from this bridge is magical and there is no inappropriate time to walk on this bridge. You can see a lot of cars, bicycles and other people who will be working on this bridge for viewing the unrivaled site of the city along with Lady Liberty.

3. Times Square

Shopping place

Times Square is the product of electrical currents and advertising genius and it came into existence in 1904. Now, when you are visiting New York, this is a place where you can see a lot of action and lights which are even brighter than a few years back. Near the Duffy Square, you can enjoy the show. You will be experiencing a rarity in Times Square and here you will get cheap drinks with a good jukebox.

If you’re planning to experience some adventurous and unusual things, make sure to indulge into these things to do.

1. New York Skyline

New York Skyline

In order to enjoy the panoramic views, you can visit this place. From this place, you will get the opportunity of visiting One World Observatory, Top Of The Rock and Empire State Building. Each of them has its vantage point. You can also take a helicopter tour. If you do not want to pay anything, then you will still be able to get some incredible views of the entire city.

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2. 9/11 Memorial And Museum

Memorial And Museum

If you visit to lower Manhattan you will be able to visit a spacious plaza where the memorial of several lost lives stays. There is also a museum where the tragic incident of the 9/11 is explained with the help of films, documents, and artifacts.

3. Cruising Around Manhattan

Cruising Around Manhattan

Water is surrounding the city of New York and it has a lot of notable attractions. So you can opt for the cruise and take some single ride or go to the sail boat or speedboat.

Based on the best New York travel guide, some of the reputed stays in New York are mentioned below.

1. The Gatsby Hotel

American Hotel

It is near to the Lower East side and it is a hotel having 45 rooms and it’s very sleek. It was refurbished in the year 2016. The hotel comes with a bright design with all the amenities. Chinatown, the East Village, Soho, and the West Village everything is near to this place and is in 25 minutes walking distance.

Location: 135 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002, USA

2. Hotel Americano

Hotel room

Hotel Americano comes with multiple parts, outdoor pool, two restaurants and it is a very glamorous hotel. It has all the amenities which makes it a decent place to live. Hudson Yards, Chelsea Piers and the High Line are at a walking distance from this place.

Location: 518 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

3. Hotel Hugo

Hotel balcony

This hotel provides top-notch entertainment and amenities. The rooms of this hotel are very sleek and come with minimal design, but will provide you with a spectacular view of the Midtown Manhattan along with the Financial District. It also has a bar on the rooftop which will offer you with the sunset views over the Statue of Liberty, New Jersey, and Hudson River.

Location: 525 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, USA


The currency of New York is Dollars and whenever you are visiting this place from the foreign land you will have to transform your money into their currency. There is no need of worrying because the moment you land you will be getting tons of ATMs and currency exchanging booths in several locations.

What to pack

While you’re packing your bag for New York, make sure to keep these things for a tension-free holiday at this high-spirited city.

  • Daypack
  • Walking shoes
  • Some layering
  • Paper map
  • Portable charger
  • Flashlight
  • Alarm clock
  • Sunscreen

If you’re planning your first trip to this hyped city of USA, then this handy guide will be a perfect help for you. So, before your excitement fades out, plan and customize your much awaited USA vacation with TravelTriangle and let us make your getaway a memorable one!

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Dreamland Beach: A Travel Guide To The Hidden Bali Land Of Elysium!

Dreamland Beach is one of the more unknown beaches in Bali. While there are many more famous beaches that line the coastline of Bali, for those of us who know about this amazing beach, Dreamland Beach is held as one of the best in all of Bali.

This beach is quite popular among those who know of the existence of this amazing beach. While that number itself is not a very large number, the small beach is regularly thronged with quite a lot of people, as the waves are just great for surfing. The beach also features a certain rugged charm that has enthralled a lot of people, with the beach regularly attracting a lot of day-trippers and surfers, who come here for both the great waves and the warm sand, great for relaxing and sunbathing, getting a nice tan on one’s skin.


There is no absolute best time to visit the Dreamland Beach, as it features quite good weather throughout the year. The months of April, all the way up to June, have the least rain (if that is what one is after), and thus attract the most crowds. These months usually have the beach jam packed, with people playing in the Dreamland Beach surf, sunbathing on the warm sand and even playing beach volleyball.

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Weather in Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach in Bali, as its name suggests, stays a dream destination all year around, and even though the beach shows some thunderstorms around the month of July, stays accessible for tourists, retaining its tropical and sunny weather throughout the year.


  • The Dreamland Beach surf is one of the best places for surfing in Bali. If you know how to surf, this beach will undoubtedly amaze you with its great waves.
  • If surfing does not interest you, the massages will. Provided by expert masseurs for a quite cheap fee, these can really make one feel at peace.
  • Like all beaches, Dreamland Beach is an awesome place to find a deck chair and just collapse on it, and have a relaxing nap that will refresh one’s body and soul.

Dreamland Beach, along with its sister beach Bingin Beach, is known among a large crowd for the many Dreamland Beach Resort quite eccentric food that one can find in the locality. While there are many restaurants that sell the staples of dining cuisine, such as spicy Chinese food, seafood based Japanese food and bread based Italian food, there are many small shops and stalls that offer the very latest in local cuisine, featuring highlights such as roasted nuts, grilled fish and roasted rice along with spicy coconut water.

1. Hard Rock Hotel And Bar

Hard Rock Hotel And Bar

The Hard Rock Hotel and Bar is known far and wide for being one of the best hotels in the vicinity of Bali itself. Not only does the hotel offer some of the best rooms in the town, it offers some of the best dining areas, restaurant and bars in the vicinity, offering a wide range of food and definitely the widest range of cocktails in the town.

Location: Jalan Pantai, Banjar Pande Mas, 80361 Kuta, Bali

2. Bukit Cafe

Bukit Cafe

This cafe is famous for providing food to visitors to several nearby beaches such as Bingin Beach, Dreamland Beach, and many other sister beaches. Mainly populated by surfers the who day around, the cafe quite a wide range of local and intercontinental food.

Location: Labuan Sait, Jl. Labuansait, Pecatu, Pecatu, Bali

There are many hotels and B&Bs that can be found in the area, and one will never be left wanting for a place to stay. Among the many hotels, there are some that, being time tested and proven, are the best, and are preferred by most tourists who visit the beach when they want to spend the night in the locality.

1. The Klapa Resort

The Klapa Resort

The Klapa Resort is not a recent addition to the hotel and dining scene in Dreamland and Bingin Beach, as it one of the time tested hotels in the area. The hotel itself is only a short walk from the beach itself and is quite near the New Kuta Green Park.

Location: New Kuta Beach I, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80364, Indonesia

2. BoHo Dreamland Beach

BoHo Dreamland Beach

This hotel is quite famous in the vicinity of Dreamland Beach. Located in Pecatu (Kuta Selatan), one is quite close to the beach, as it can be reached by a short walk. The hotel features quite spacious luggage storage, along with free laundry facilities. The hotel also has a quite large pool, along with deck chairs.

Location: Bangbang Bendot, 80361 Uluwatu, Indonesia

ight away!

  • Dreamland Beach in Uluwatu, being one of the more lesser known beaches in the entirety of Bali, is never absolutely jam-packed.
  • The beach may be considered barren by some visiting it for the first time, but there is a lot of hidden beauty in the beach, that waits just beyond the thinnest layers of camouflage. When visiting it for the first time, one may want some tips, thus for the convenience of the reader we have compiled a short list of tips:
  • Exploring is something that is quite recommended. Instead of just relaxing at the beach, one is encouraged to explore the beach, as lots of beautiful sights can be found in the area.
  • One is encouraged to try out the masseurs that one can find on the beach. They offer quite cheap services, and the massage itself is quite nice.
  • Parasols and deck chairs can be rented for a good time on the beach, and day-trippers, along with surfers and casual tourists, can relax as much as they want.
  • An ideal activity is to relax on the beach, while having some of the best in local cuisine, with perhaps a cold drink on the side.

Dreamland Beach in Kudat is famous among the crowds for being one of the very hidden gems of Bali, and is one of the most famous among all its sister beaches. The food, along with the excellent surfing waves, are quite good. So, pack your bags and book your trip to Bali right away!

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