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Gorumara National Park: Explore The Luxuriant Wilderness At The Foothills Of The Himalayas

Situated at the foothills of Darjeeling Himalayas, in the Dooars region of West Bengal, Gorumara National Park is a natural splendor worth exploring. Endowed with thick forests and grasslands; this piece of scenic wonder is the home to a plethora of flora and exciting wildlife, especially Indian rhinoceros. Located by River Murti and Raidak, Gorumara National Park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1949 and national park in 1992 and honored as best among the protected areas of India by Ministry of Environment and Forests in 2009.

If you are a wildlife lover and have not explored this sprawling reserve yet, wait no more. Plan a thrilling trip to Gorumara National Park to enjoy a fulfilling wildlife experience.

i. Location and geography

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ii. Climate, the best time to visit and other things to know about Gorumara National Park

the entrance of Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park experiences tropical climate throughout the year, with temperature ranging from 23 degrees in summer to 10 degrees in winter. June to September mark the rainy season here and the place receives moderate to heavy rainfall during that season. Humidity increases during monsoon.

Gorumara National Park is open from October to June every year. The national park remains closed from June 15 to September 15, owing to monsoon and animal breeding season. The best time to visit Gorumara National Park is from November to March. The surrounding looks luxuriant and fresh and the chances of spotting wildlife increases manifold during winter.

iii. Entrance charges and timings for Gorumara National Park

Entrance charges and timings for Gorumara National Park

Visiting time/hours of Gorumara National Park: Gorumara National Park is open on all days, from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm except Thursdays. There are 4 shifts for safari and watchtower visits. The timings are 6:30 am to 8:00 am, 9:00 am to 10:30 am, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm and 3: 30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Entrance charges at Gorumara National Park: The jeep safari costs INR 2200 that can accommodate up to 6 tourists. Gorumara National Park has three watchtowers: Jatraprashad, Chapramari, and Medla. The entry tickets for Jatraprashad watchtower for the first three shifts is INR 120 and for the 4th shift is INR 160. For Chapramari watchtower, entrance ticket for the first three shifts is INR 70 and INR 120 for the 4th shift. However, for Medla watchtower, the tickets for all the 4 shifts is INR 120.

iv. How to reach Gorumara National Park

How to reach Gorumara National Park

By air: The nearest airport to Gorumara National Park is 80 km away at Bagdogra. There are regular flights from Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Hire a private taxi and it will take approximately 2 hours from airport to reach the national park.

By rail: The closest railway station is at New Maynaguri, 20 km away. It is well connected with Kolkata and other major cities of East and North-eastern part of India.

By road: Gorumara National Park is 72 km from Siliguri via Canal Road and takes about 2 hours to reach. From Jalpaiguri, the place is 32 km via NH717 and one can reach within an hour. Roads are in good condition and one can easily drive down from these places.

Flora and Fauna of Gorumara National Park

Flora: Gorumara National Park is characterized by tropical deciduous forests. The most commonly seen tree is Sal. Other varieties seen here are Simul, Teak, Siris, and Khair etc. Along with these, one can also spot bamboo groves and riverine grasslands.

Fauna: Gorumara National Park is known to be the habitat of Indian rhinoceros. Asian elephant, barking deer, sloth bear, wild boar, hog deer, leopard and Indian wolves are also spotted occasionally. The national park is the home to a few species of poisonous snakes as well, like Paithon and King Cobra.

Almost 300 plus species of birds are spotted at Gorumara National Park. Most common ones include Asian paradise flycatchers, scarlet minivet, Indian hornbill, woodpeckers, peafowls, pheasants and endangered brahminy duck.

i. Jungle safari

people taking a jeep safari through Gorumara National Park

For every wildlife enthusiast, jungle safari in Gorumara National Park is a must activity. The beauty of the undulating terrain, lush green forests and sprawling grasslands fascinate ever tourist while the joy of spotting a wildlife amplifies the fascination manifold. You may be lucky enough to see elephants bathing in Murti River, flowing through the national park. There are two kinds of safaris, available for tourists: jeep safari and elephant safari. Book tickets from the registered office of Forest Department and it is mandatory to take an authorized guide with you. After the safari, tourists are taken to watchtower for an enhanced wildlife experience.

ii. Bird watching

a gorgeous Crimson Sunbird sitting on flower

Carry your binoculars as a plethora of birds are spotted at Gorumara National Park. From common ones like Indian hornbill, paradise flycatcher to endangered ones like brahminy duck, one can spot everything here.

iii. Sightseeing


There are many fascinating tourist places around Gorumara National Park. You can plan a half-day sightseeing to visit Buxa Fort, Rovers Point, Samsing, Bindu, Murti Riverbank and Jayanti Mahakal caves. In fact, there are a couple of more wildlife sanctuaries near Gorumara. They are Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Buxa Tiger Reserve.

iv. Lataguri Nature Interpretation Centre

Located next to the national park is Lataguri Nature Interpretation Centre. Visit this place to witness the vibrant sight of flora and fauna of Gorumara, showcased with light and sound.

v. Tribal dance and campfire

campfire in Gorumara National Park

One can trek up to surrounding local villages like Budhuram Forest Village and enjoy tribal dance around a campfire in the evening.

Places to stay in and around Gorumara National Park

If you are thinking where to stay in and around Gorumara National Park, the options are plenty. You can book at Aranya Jungle Resort, Kontiki Resort, and Lake view resort. These 3 places are in Lataguri, approximately 5 km from Gorumara National Park. One can also check out Sinclairs Retreat, Dooars in Chalsa, 13 km from the forest. But if you wish to stay closer to the national park, book yourself a stay at Tuskers Den Forest, located just opposite Gorumara. There are forest department accommodations inside the forest at Gorumara Eco Village Kalipur, Gorumara Elephant Camp Dhupjhora and Gorumara Rhino Camp Ramsai.

A scenic splendor, Gorumara National Park is a thrilling place to explore with friends and families. With picturesque terrain and myriad of wildlife, this is a paradise for nature lovers, wildlife freaks, and photography enthusiasts.Want to plan your West Bengal trip? Let us help you create an incredible experience that’ll make your vacation memorable!

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Shopping In Sweden: 10 Best Places For Pampering The Shopaholic In You!

Sweden is slowly growing to be one of the most popular destinations in the world – and for a good reason! The beautiful castles, churches, palaces, and many more architectural wonders, as well as being the home of the famous pop band ABBA and of course the land from the world famous store IKEA hails. Another famous activity among tourists is to shop for all exciting things in the new countries they visit, and you’re in luck, because Sweden has plenty of those. Like the very popular IKEA, there are many other stores and malls known for shopping in Sweden, making this country a shopping haven! Read our detailed shopping guide to find out the best places to shop in Sweden!

These 10 malls and markets in Sweden are the ultimate paradises for Shopaholics. And even if you’re not one, you’d surely be compelled to loosen up your pockets!

1. Mall of Scandinavia

Mall of Scandinavia

Any Sweden shopping guide will recommend you to visit the Mall of Scandinavia, for it is your one stop destination for all your shopping needs, and offers some of the best brands and freshest designs in the market right now. It is the second largest mall among the Nordic countries, and houses 224 shops and boutiques within its premises. Not only that, but there are also many cafes and restaurants where you can get a snack or a drink from if you get tired from all the shopping!

Location: Stjärntorget 2, Solna, 169, 79, Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
What to buy: Clothes, shoes, bags

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It can be said that MOOD is one of the most contemporary shopping centers in Sweden, that has some of the most offbeat brands and stores, with products and clothes that you will definitely not get anywhere else. If you’re looking for unique clothes shopping in Sweden, this is definitely the place for you to go to. There also some great cafes surrounding the stores, where you can fuel up to shop some more!

Location: Regeringsgatan 48, Stockholm, 111 44 , Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Sun.
What to buy: Clothes, shoes

3. Farsta Centrum

Farsta Centrum

While it is great to go to giant shopping complexes, let’s admit, it can get tiring, and smaller shopping complexes are more comfortable. This shopping complex is spread over three buildings, and while it has everything you need, it’s not too crowded. Outside the mall are a few markets where you can do some affordable shopping in Stockholm.

Location: Farstaplan 20, Farsta, 123 47, Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat, 01:00 pm – 5:00 pm Sun.
What to buy: Clothes, shoes, household items

4. Sturegallerian


One of the most elite shopping malls in Sweden, this mall features some of the most luxurious brands in the world under its roof, as well as some fine dining restaurants with grand interiors. If you’re looking for some luxury shopping, whether it’s clothes, bags, or even technology, then you don’t want to miss out on visiting this shopping mall in Stockholm.

Location: Stureplan 4, Stockholm, 114 35, Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Sat, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm Sun.
What to buy: Clothes, skincare, technology

5. Skrapan


This tall building on the island of Sodermalm is more than just a shopping centre. Not only does it house a shopping mall with 25 stores, but there are many restaurants and cafes, as well as many offices and apartments in this building, and a skybar where you can get a drink. Due to the facts that the brands are really affordable, this mall is one of the best places for cheap shopping in Stockholm, Sweden.

Location: Götgatan 78, Stockholm, 118 30, Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Sun.
What to buy: Clothes, household, gifts

6. Nacka Forum

 Nacka Forum

Located in a very underrated, and not frequently visited by tourists, part of Stockholm, the perk of visiting this mall is that you don’t have to deal with the chaotic tourist crowds. Due to the economic brands in this mall, you can shop here for the cheapest things in Sweden, like small jewellery and some authentic Swedish gifts like carved wooden utensils.

Location: Forumvägen 14, Nacka, 131 53, Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Sun.
What to buy: Gifts, clothes, shoes, household items

7. Gallerian


By visiting this mall, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the first ever shopping mall in Stockholm, built in 1976, and located right next to a metro station, making for easy access. This is one of the top destinations for shopping in Stockholm, Sweden, because it houses 80 stores with all the popular brands, at very affordable prices.

Location: Hamngatan 37, Stockholm, 111 53, Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Sun.
What to buy: Gifts, clothes, shoes, household items

8. Bromma Blocks

Bromma Blocks

The area of Bromma is mostly known for the airport that is located there and most people miss this amazing mall, with over 150 stores, and some of the best European brands. In this mall you can do some of the best shopping in Sweden, because it has brands of all budgets, and there are also some supermarkets where you can do some grocery shopping in Sweden.

Location: Ulvsundavägen 185-193, Bromma, 168 67 , Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat, Sun.
What to buy: Gifts, clothes, groceries

9. Nordstan Mall

Nordstan Mall

Stockholm is not the only place for your shopping needs in Sweden, and the city of Gothenburg has some amazing malls as well. This mall has not only some of the best clothing stores and brands, but also the best place to shop for when it comes to sporting goods and cosmetics as well. If you’re planning on going shopping in Sweden from Norway, this is a great alternative to Stockholm shopping malls.

Location: Götgatan 10, 411 05 Göteborg, Sweden
Timings: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat, 6:00 am – 12:00 am Sun.
What to buy: Gifts, clothes, sports goods, cosmetics

10. Kronhusbodarna


This is a very peaceful shopping area, in a large open space, surrounded by a lot of cafes, perfect if you want a relaxed shopping atmosphere. If you are wondering what to buy in Sweden for gifts, this shopping center has some authentic Swedish goods like wooden utensils, silver jewellery, and Swedish footwear.

Location: Kronhusgatan 1D, 411 13 Göteborg, Sweden
What to buy: Gifts, clothes

Now that you are aware of all the best places for shopping in Sweden, make sure you plan your trip to Europe with Travel Triangle right away, customize your itinerary and shop your heart out till you drop!

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Yosemite National Park: Synonymous With Thrills, And An Epitome Of Ultimate Adventures!

A gem in the heart of California, a world dominated by granite cliffs, a wild paradise full of biological diversity, and undoubtedly one of the best World Heritage Sites of USA, Yosemite National Park is nothing less than a mecca for adventure buffs. A heavenly amalgamation of cascading waterfalls, shimmering lakes and streams, majestic mountains, and humongous groves of sequoia, this pocket-friendly guide will lead you right to the heart of Yosemite National Park.

State: California, USA
Location: Yosemite Mariposa County, Northern California
Area: 747,956 acres
Distance From City Centre: Approximately 230 kms
Spread Across: Mariposa, Madera, and Tuolumne counties
Established In: 1890
Average Footfall: 4 million annually
Must-Visit: Granite Cliffs
Famous For: Extreme Adventures

Yosemite National Park Map

Best time to visit Yosemite

Though the best time to visit Yosemite National Park is that of the fall season, Yosemite National Park’s weather in every season has something special to offer when it comes to visiting this adventurous marvel.

Spring: The months from March to June happen to be the perfect time to witness the cascading waterfalls in their best form. Also, it is the most suitable season to relish the best of Yosemite Valley and all the fishing spots in the national park.

Summer: Though it may not be the best time, but spanning from the months June end to mid-September, summer happens to be the most popular time amidst the kids, youth, and families. Right from trekking to picnic spots, music festivals to outdoor activities, all of it can be best enjoyed during summers in Yosemite National Park.

Fall: Spanning from the months of September-end to mid-December, Fall happens to be the best time to visit Yosemite National Park as the temperatures are low, trails are in perfect condition for exploration, and the crowd is considerably less.

Winter: From the beginning of December-end to February, winter is the most favorite time for the locals and the travelers for two reasons. One is that of Christmas, and secondly, one gets to experience an enthralling sleigh ride in the Yosemite National Park like nowhere else.

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With so much to see and experience within the Yosemite borders, an ideal duration of 3 to 4 days should be enough to capture the true essence of the national park. From the granite cliffs to the waterfalls and activities, a maximum of 4 days should suffice for a lifetime of memories.

1. Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley

One of the best attractions and much rewarded as the centerpiece of the entire Yosemite National Park, the Yosemite Valley offers a sight to behold, forever. Stretching upto 12 kilometers in length, and more than 3000 ft. in depth, the valley is filled with pine forests, magical waterfalls, countless streams, and is surrounded by gigantic mountains of El Capitan and Half Dome. With such marvels to be witnessed, the Yosemite Valley is one of the key highlights of the national park.

2. Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls

Looking royal and mighty in appearance, the cascading Yosemite Falls measures about 739 meters in height right from the top to the base of the falls. Comprising of the Upper Yosemite, Middle Cascades, and the Lower Yosemite Falls, it happens to be one of the major attractions of the national park which is easily accessible from the Yosemite Lodge.

3. Glacier Point

Glacier Point Yosemite

A majestic viewpoint in the heart of Yosemite National Park, no other viewpoints within the premises have been able to surpass the aura of the one and only, Glacier Point. Rising up to an height of 7,214 ft., which is about 3200 ft higher and above the Half Dome Village, it is a strict no-no for all the adventure enthusiasts to miss out on this one.

4. Tunnel View

Tunnel View Yosemite

Much famed to be the vantage point for the locals, travelers, artists, and ardent photographers, the Tunnel View offers breathtaking views of the Yosemite Valley like no other viewpoint. While the Glacier Point offers mesmeric skyline views of the national park, the Tunnel View offers panoramic vistas from the state route numbered 41.

5. Vernal Fall

Vernal Fall Yosemite

Get ready to get drenched while you trek from the Mist Trail to the mighty Vernal Fall. Get closer to nature at this mystical wonder and witness the falls from a height of about 317 ft. Considered to be one of the most widest, and picturesque falls of Yosemite, make sure you don’t miss out on the Vernal Fall hike on your visit to this wonderland.

Other Attractions In Yosemite: Mariposa Grove, Bridalveil Falls, Nevada Falls, Taft Point, Horsetail Fall, and more.

1. Trek All The Way Up To Half Dome

Half Dome Trekking

Ever dreamt of witnessing a larger-than-life scenario? If your answer is a no, then you’re about to witness one right away. Elevating up to a height of 8,842 ft., this strenuous trek to Half Dome will take you a minimum of 14 hours and a maximum of 16 hours to complete. So those who are willing to sweat it out, make sure you get all the permits prior to the hike, and are fit enough to embark on this fantastic trekking experience in Yosemite National Park.

Distance From:

Mist Trail: 23 kms approx. for a round trip
John Muir Trail: 26.5 kms approx. for a round trip
Glacier Point: 32 kms approx. for a round trip
Tenaya Lake: 37 kms approx. for a round trip
Campground Of Little Yosemite Valley: 11 kms approx. for a round trip

2. Rock Climbing At El Capitan

El Capitan Yosemite

An unforgiving peak as it is popularly known, El Capitan is the captain of all the mountain peaks in Yosemite National Park which offers a challenge of the most difficult rock-climbing in the world. A dangerous straight cliff stretching up to an ascent of 3000 ft., it takes about four to five days for a normal rock climber to make it to the top of El Capitan. Also, there has only been one man named Alex Honnold who’s by far the only climber to have successfully free soloed the El Capitan wall without any safety gear. Don’t believe us? Google him right away!

Location: Western end of Yosemite National Park
Elevation: 3,000 ft. from the base
Rock-Types: Coarse-grained Granite, the Taft Granite, and Diorite

3. Hike The John Muir Trail

John Muir Trail Hiking

A nerve-racking hiking experience which spans to almost 20 days, the John Muir Trail or JMT is the longest hiking trail that passes through Yosemite National Park but is located in the mountain ranges of Sierra Nevada. Taking you through the dense forests, wilderness, and natural wonders for almost 80 percent of the hike, it is recommended to all the travelers to go for a guided tour while hiking the JMT.

Starting Point: Cottonwood Lakes
Ending Point: Mount Whitney
Continuation: Till Tuolumne In Yosemite
Distance Covered: 211 miles or 340 kilometers
Elevation: 47,000 ft.
Duration: 15 to 21 days

4. Skiing And Snowboarding At Tioga Pass

Skiing And Snowboarding At Tioga Pass

Considered to be one of the best places for skiing in the entire USA, Tioga Pass puts up tonnes of snow on display for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Serving as yet another entrance to Yosemite National Park from the end of Easter Sierra Mountains, Tioga Pass is a must-visit place for those who plan on exploring Yosemite during spring or summers.

Tip: You can drive up till Ellery Lake, and then continue for skiing or snowboarding.

5. Rafting At Tuolumne River

Rafting At Tuolumne River

Image Credit:Rafting At Tuolumne River officiak website

Tuolumne River owes much of its popularity for river rafting to the steep drops, and large boulders, that create high rapids in the river. Right from the point of Ward’s Ferry bridge up till the Meral’s Pool, the Tuolumne river elevates up to 760 ft. in height, which is also its drop measure. However, rafting at Tuolumne is enjoyed the best at the locations of Nemesis, and Rock Garden.

Location: Near Highway 140
Length: 18 miles or 29 kilometers approx.
Distance From Yosemite: 30 minutes

Other Things To Do In Yosemite: Sunset at Tuolumne Meadows, Horseback Riding, Exploring Museums, Tasting & Breweries, Spa & Wellness, and more.

1. The Majestic Yosemite Hotel

the majestic yosemite hotel

Image Credit:The Majestic Yosemite Hotel

For those who’re for best Yosemite National Park lodging options, the Majestic Yosemite Hotel serves as the perfect choice for them. Located at a distance of about 2.5 kilometers from the Yosemite Village, this hotel treats the travelers to views of Glacier Point, Half Dome, and Yosemite Falls, which are true to its name, majestic.

Location: 1 Ahwahnee Drive, Yosemite National Park, California
Price/Night: Starts from INR 36,000 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5 | Reviews | Website

2. The Mariposa Lodge

The Mariposa Lodge

Located at a distance of just 5 minutes from the California State Mining, the Mariposa Lodge offers affordable lodging options near Yosemite National Park. Featuring an outdoor pool along with a patio and a hot tub, this hotel too offers striking views of the natural environs.

Location: 5052 Highway 140, Mariposa, California
Price/Night: Starts from INR 8,500 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5 | Reviews | Website

3. White Wolf Lodge

White Wolf Lodge

Away from the hustle and bustle of California, the White Wolf Lodge is popular amidst the travelers as well as the locals for its remote and a calm location. Offering all the peace, and quiet that one requires on their vacation, White Wolf Lodge adds the much needed charm to your adventure in Yosemite National Park.

Location: Highway 120, White Wolf Road, Yosemite National Park, California
Price/Night: Starts from INR 7,500 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5 | Reviews | Website

Other Hotels, Cabins, Inns, & Motels: Yosemite Inn, Yosemite Cedar Lodge, Yosemite View Lodge, River Rock Inn, Yosemite Westgate Lodge, Comfort Inn, and many more.

1. Jackalope’s Bar & Grill

Jackalope's Bar & Grill

A perfect place for relaxed evening, you can just sit back, relax your senses, and relish the best of American cuisine at Jackalope’s Bar & Grill. From grilled burgers to specialty salads, enjoy the best of organic produce at this restaurant.

Location: Tenaya Lodge, 1122 CA-41, Fish Camp, Yosemite, California
Timings: Sunday to Thursday: 11 am to 11 pm; Fridays & Saturdays: 11 am until midnight
TripAdvisor Ratings: 3.5/5 | Reviews | Website

2. Sierra Restaurant

Sierra Restaurant

Love the combination of pasta and beer? Then no other restaurant can serve you the best of this combo other than Sierra Restaurant at Yosemite National Park. Bringing the best of seafood, and steak, this restaurant also serves the best breakfast menu along with selected wines.

Location: Tenaya Lodge, 1122 CA-41, Fish Camp, Yosemite, California
Timings: Monday to Sunday: 6.30 am to 10 pm
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5 | Reviews | Website

3. Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza

Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza

Location: 5081 State Highway 140, Mariposa, California
Timings: Monday to Friday: 11 am to 7 pm; Saturday: 3 pm to 7 pm; Closed on Sundays
TripAdvisor Ratings: 3/5 | Reviews | Website

How To Reach Yosemite

Established in three prime locations of Cathey’s Valley, Midpines, and Mariposa, Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza is the best place for those crave for freshly made pizzas anytime, and anywhere. Using the best-in-quality meat products, and fresh vegetables in all their cooking, Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza is the best place to eat during your visit to Yosemite National Park.

By Bus: Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System which is abbreviated as YARTS offers regular bus services from the city center to Yosemite National Park.

By Air: Merced Airport (MCE) in California is the nearest airport from which, Yosemite National Park is located at a distance of just 2 hours.

By Train: One can also board the AMTRAK trains from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento, and San Francisco, and deboard at the Merced or Riverbank station from where one can reach Yosemite via YARTS bus services.

By Car: One can easily rent a car and reach Yosemite National Park wherein a minimum of $30 in summers, and $25 in winters is charged for entry and parking facilities.

Q. How much is the entry fee to Yosemite National Park?

A. Yosemite national park entrance fee is $30 per vehicle from April to October, and $25 from November to March for a pass which is valid only for seven days. An annual pass can also be purchased for $60.

Q. When does Yosemite National Park close?

A. Yosemite National Park is open round the year and in all seasons.

Q. Which is the nearest airport to Yosemite?

A. Merced Regional Airport is the nearest airstrip to Yosemite National Park.

Excited to go to Yosemite? Well, you’re not alone in feeling that way! With such incredible attractions, and natural marvels to be explored, Yosemite National Park is indeed a majestic getaway in the heart of California. And on your visit to this incredible hub of adventurers, make sure you keep this guide handy for a hassle-free experience. So, Want to plan your California trip?

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Indulge In The Best Of Shopping In Chiang Mai At These 7 Vibrant Markets

Thailand is a country that is well renowned for shopping among tourists all over the world. For travelers that love taking back home something exclusive to Thailand, the best idea for them is to do shopping in Chiang Mai. With a wide variety of artesanal products, unique souvenirs, and creative gift items, shopping markets in Chiang Mai attract a lot of foreign customers.

Since Chiang Mai is a city located in Northern Thailand, subtle differences in the culture, values, and practices can be found as compared to the Southern part of Thailand. The city gets a ton of tourists as travelers make the journey to Chiang Mai and get treated to a lot more hand-made products, gift items made right in front of them. With a look into the shopping options in this part of the country, this Chiang Mai shopping guide will save you a lot of fame and money.

1. The Sunday Walking Street In Chiang Mai


Arguably the most popular market in Chiang Mai- the Sunday Walking Street is a crazy thrill ride that invokes your senses and takes them into overdrive. Be it shopping for souvenirs and essentials, or trying out local food- there are hardly any places in Chiang Mai that can pull off a better show than this bustling market. The market is symbolic to the roots of Thailand which are lively, delightful, and the best way to immerse in the local culture.

Timings: 4 pm to midnight (Sundays)

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2. Wualai Walking Street


A smaller version of the Sunday walking street market, Wualai Walking Street market is held near the old city walls on every Saturday. The market, as usual, is known for all the must buy things in Chiang Mai like it’s great street food, creative souvenirs, and pretty artistic handicraft work that you would otherwise not find so easily at any normal tourist destination.

Timings: 5pm to 11pm (Saturdays)

3. Central Airport Plaza Chiang Mai


There are a few high quality shopping malls in Chiang Mai for travelers who are on the lookout for international brands. Since it is very close to the airport, travelers can visit this mall for last minute shopping while winding up their stay in Chiang Mai. The most visited shops in this mall are the authentic handicraft shops which are unique to the Northern part of Thailand.

Timings: 10:30am to 9pm (Monday- Friday); 10 am to 9pm (Saturday- Sunday)

4. Kad Suan Kaew Mall


Another modern shopping centre in Chiang Mai, Kad Suan Kaew is one of oldest and most renowned shopping malls in Chiang Mai. Another attraction to Kad Suan Kaew is the night market held within the premises of the mall. Travelers can be assured of an excellent gastronomic experience as inside the mall there are plenty of cheap and delicious food outlets that have running successfully for more than a decade.

Timings: 11am to 9pm (Monday to Friday); 10am to 9pm (Saturday-Sunday)

5. Ton Lamyai Market


If travelers are looking for a good flower shop in Chiang Mai, it is most likely that a local resident will guide them towards Ton Lamyai Market. Located right next to the Talat Warorot Market, Ton Lamyai has two parts- one part belonging to the artistic florists, and the other to the handicraft and garments shops. An additional delight for customers while shopping in Chiang Mai in this market is the omnipresent fragrance of Jasmine in the narrow alleyways of the market.

Timings: Open 24 hours

6. Bor Sang Village


Situated on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Bor Sang Village is a crafts market that is famous for paper-umbrella artisanry and craftsmanship. It’s hard for travelers to miss noticing their arrival into this tiny village located on the outskirts, as on both sides of the road they will shops have decorated their front entrance and window with colorful paper umbrellas of different shapes and sizes. Since it is a renowned crafts market, all of the products here are made by hand and the paper used in it comes from the locally grown Mulberry Tree.

7. Warorot Market


Like any Chiang Mai shopping guide, we would not dare exclude the famous Warorot Market from our list of places for shopping in Chiang Mai. Foodie travelers should sit up and take notice, as this market is notoriously popular for some of the most creative and delicious street food available in Thailand.

At the food stalls, the most commonly consumed dishes are Sai oua (grilled sausage), Nam prik (red and green chilli dip), and Cap Moo (Crispy pork skin).

Shopping in Chiang Mai is almost like an involuntary experience for travelers as the easy going nature of the city and the warm and welcoming people make tourists feel right at home. With a good mix of handicrafts, souvenirs, and an abundance of gift items- Chiang Mai sure does a great job in tempting visitors to dig into their pockets and take something of value from this laid-back and charming city.

Timings: 6am to 7pm

Cherish the unfiltered tapestry and vibrant surroundings of Chiang Mai with your loved ones. Book a trip to Thailand via TravelTriangle to satisfy the shopaholic streak inside of you.

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Shopping In Kazakhstan: 12 Malls In The Country Which Will Melt Every Shopaholic’s Heart

If you thought there was no scope of shopping in Kazakhstan, you could not be more wrong. In Astana, shopping runs past just stores with the most recent styles and hardware. It’s an ordeal. The primary spot you’ll need to stop for that encounter is the Khan Shatyr, opened with an extraordinary exhibit in 2010. This three-story complex is charged as the world’s biggest tent and incorporates everything from a wave pool to the sauna to a delight ride that drops you three stories from the highest point of the complex. What’s more, obviously, you can shop at many stores on three levels that offer the most sweltering brands. The Khan Shatyr was structured as an indoor diversion place for local people to appreciate amid the cities eminent below zero winters. In any case, you can likewise appreciate it all year.

Super Silk Way is another extensive shopping in Kazakhstan Astana encounters. Mega is situated close to the EXPO site and is an extraordinary place for the two children and perceiving grown-up customers. Grown-ups will discover many shops on two levels offering worldwide name brands from well-known outlets. Children will love the in-entryway “Hap pylon” stimulation focus which offers arcades diversions, hustling autos, stickball machines, and 3D fight reenactments.

More no-nonsense customers will need to make a beeline for the Saryarka or Sine Tempore focuses where the accentuation is on shopping as opposed to stimulation. Sine Tempore is Astana’s most seasoned strip mall and highlights the city’s most costly and lofty boutiques. You won’t locate a multiplex or diversion focus at Sine Tempore. It is simply quality shopping. What’s more, in case you’re seeking to get a gift for the family, attempt Empire, which includes solely planned Kazakh-related things. Notwithstanding what you are searching for, in Astana, you can shop to your heart’s substance.

1.Astana Mall

Astana Mall

Situated on the correct bank, Astana Mall is a comfortable place for shopping, diversion, and work. Aside from prevalent nearby and remote brands, the shopping center contains various kids’ attractions, nourishment court, and Gourmet culinary school. There is likewise MULTISPACE collaborating space, biggest in Kazakhstan, where one can come to work, compose gatherings or achieve master classes or courses. Different offices incorporate Ramstor basic supply, drug store, photography studio and cleaning administration.

Address: Astana, Kazakhstan

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2. Aruzhan Shopping Centre

Aruzhan Shopping Centre

Aruzhan is a three-floe shopping center situated among living squares on the Right Bank. The primary floor contains Alma basic supply, drug store, coffeehouse, cleaning administration and money trade. Well known world brands, for example, Kari and Incite are spoken to on the second floor. There is additionally SULPAK market of family unit machines and shops offering items for the home. The third floor is involved by STAR PLAY, gigantic play area of 6,500 square meters, with three separate zones for babies, little youngsters, and adolescents.

Address: Iliyas Zhansugiruly St 8/1, Astana

3. Asia Park Shopping Centre

Asia Park Shopping Centre

This shopping center and stimulation focus are extensive (45,000 sq. meters), forward, has a 5-theater multiplex and a remarkable excitement community for the children. With 168 shops in the Galleria, there are a lot of shopping openings. It brags a completely prepared Fitness First club and offers advantageous middle-class shopping in a sheltered and well-disposed climate.

4. Empire


This is the place to get brilliant trinkets of Kazakhstan. They have an elite scope of items with unique structures. Their items are impeccable as corporate endowments or for weddings and other paramount events. Boutiques are additionally situated in the accompanying shopping centers: Mega Silk Way and Keruen.

5. Eurasia Shopping Centre

Eurasia Shopping Centre

A sign of the Eurasia mall is its universal decent variety and accessibility of products from around the globe. Truth be told, the inside was named Eurasia from a mix of Europe and Asia since Kazakhstan helps connect those universes. Here you’ll discover the staples of regular daily existence, as well as the top of the line things. Customers will discover hides from Greece, China, and the United Arab Emirates and gems from Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine. Eurasia additionally has an assorted determination of sustenance things. Despite the fact that Eurasia is an ordinary stop for Astana inhabitants, it additionally offers a keepsake shop called Shefer and a national garments store called Kovolek important to guests. In both, travelers can test Kazakh culture and discover things that will enable them to recall their time in Kazakhstan. In 2005, the mall added 14,000 square meters to its current 19,000 square meters of shopping.

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6. Keruen


Situated on the Left Bank this shopping center draws in the more youthful group. It incorporates a nourishment court, eateries, a full market, and shops. It is considered to have the best multiplex with seven motion picture theatres.

7. Khan Shatyr

Khan Shatyr

The Khan Shatyr is the most recent expansion to the Astana shopping and diversion scene. It has a one of a kind plan, similar to a huge straightforward tent, made to deal with the extraordinary temperature scope of the Central Asian steppe. Portrayed as an urban-scale indoor stop, shopping and stimulation scene, the shopping is upscale and changed. This particular place is a must visit in Astana.

8. Keruen City

Keruen City

Keruen City is one of the principal shopping centers in Astana is still very well known. (As a component of an advancement, the shopping center got around 100,000 birthday wishes on stickers on the commemoration of its foundation.) Keruen City is formed like a glass donut with an arch in the middle rather than an opening. Likewise, with most shopping centers in Astana, Keruen City is family arranged and has motion picture theaters, a nourishment court, and eateries.

9. Uber Silk Way

Uber Silk Way

Try not to botch an opportunity to visit the biggest shopping and entertainment focus in the Central Asia district. 33% of its space is utilized for instructive, sports, diversion and social tasks. You will discover monster family excitement stop and carnival with an aggregate region of in excess of 7,000 square meters, Ocean Park Marine Park and HappyWorks City Profession Park there.

10. Men Style Store

Men Style Store

The two-level Men Style store flaunts an amazing 800 square meters of showrooms. It offers driving European brands, for example, Rene Lezard, Strellson, Lodenfrey, Jacques Britt, and Marz with around 25 marks altogether. It offers everything from present-day business to consistently easygoing and great wear to suit even the most segregating client. Furthermore, in September 2011, Men Style raised the city’s style bar by arranging a men’s garments club in which individuals get together to examine new design patterns and hotshot new accumulations.

Men Style Astana is arranged helpfully between the left and right banks close to the Samal Bridge. It is anything but difficult to spot as it has an extensive sign that peruses “MEN STYLE” with a highly contrasting outline of a man wearing a tie.

11. Sary Arka Shopping Mall

Sary Arka Shopping Mall

This shopping center is for the shopping devotee. It centers around shopping more than amusement and has a wide assortment of brand name shops and free boutiques. Obviously, it likewise has films and a broad nourishment court. In any case, remember that its way of life is shopping.

Address: Astana 020000, Kazakhstan

12. Sine Tempore

Sine Tempore

Arranged in the core of a flourishing neighborhood on the correct bank of the Yessil River, the Sine Tempore Shopping Center is an incredible place to human watch. Sine Tempore, referred to locally as TsUM — which is articulated “zoom” and is a Russian acronym for Central Department Store which this area was amid Soviet occasions — is one of the most seasoned present-day strip malls in the city has opened its entryways in a marginally unique shape in 1978. It’s a genuine neighborhood strip mall where you can discover both global brand names and little, privately possessed outlets. Among the brand names you’re probably going to discover at this 90-store complex are Benetton, Mont Blanc, and Bally’s. Be that as it may, you’ll likewise discover neighborhood shoe fix shops, a laundry, and even a sewing shop. There’s likewise a medication store, a neighborhood wonder salon, and a youngsters’ middle.

Address: Beibitshilik Street 9, Astana 010000, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is an underrated gem yet full of surprises. If you haven’t yet added it to the list of all the international destinations where you want to take a trip, you should add it soon.

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10 Rustic Homestays In Uttarakhand For A Lovely Abode In The Hills

Uttarakhand also known as the ‘Land of Gods’ or ‘Dev Bhoomi’, is a beautiful land with breathtaking landscapes and quite a diverse terrain. There are rugged mountains, with snow-covered peaks, along with lush forested valleys. The holy river Ganges flow here too which is a spot for both pilgrimage and water sports in Rishikesh. Jim Corbett, close to Nainital offers one jungle safaris, and camping experiences, and the things that one can do in the state are numerous. With such extensive tourism opportunities, one needs proper accommodation options too, and with this, in mind, quite a lot of homestays in Uttarakhand have sprouted up. Read on, to know more about these places.

Uttarakhand is a beautiful north Indian state, with quite a lot of places which are perfect getaways. Here are a few homestays in different parts of the state where one can consider staying for a day or two.

1. Pahadi House, Kanatal

Pahadi House, Kanatal

If you are looking for a retreat away from the busy city life, then Pahadi House is a great option. One can enjoy the feeling of a rural house, as the homestays are made the old fashioned way with wood, and mud. There are rooms, tents, and cottages available here for accommodation. One can choose according to the kind of experiences they want. And while you are here, you can do the Surkanda Devi temple trek.

Address: Main Chamba – Mussoorie Road | Village – Chaukhal, Kanatal 249145, India
Google Rating: 4.6/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

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2. XRA Cottage

XRA Cottage View

This is a beautiful cottage in Auli, a serene hill station of Uttarakhand. Covered with snow during the winters, Auli is the skiing destination. If you are looking for homestays in Auli, Uttarakhand, then this is one amazing option. Nestled in between apricot, and apple trees, this is a homely abode. The property offers utmost privacy, and one can relax in calm and peaceful surroundings. It is away from the hustle and bustle of city life and a perfect place to spend a day or two. If you enjoy skiing, then this is the best winter getaway.

Address: Lower Auli, Near TV Tower, Joshimath, Auli 246443, India
Google Rating: 4.2/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

3. Samskara & Samsara Homestays

Samskara & Samsara Homestays

Lansdowne is a beautiful weekend getaway from Delhi and nearby places. And with long weekends coming up, one can totally plan a trip to Lansdowne. Samskara & Samsara Homestays are one of the best homestays in Lansdowne, Uttarakhand. Nestled in the gorgeous green valley, the homestay offers stunning sunrise and sunset views. One can enjoy sights of quaint organic farms and fruit trees from this homestay in Lansdowne. One can choose to stay in a standard or family room at this homestay. Hostel beds are also available for those traveling solo or are on a shoestring budget.

Address: Gounu Village | Near Deriyakha, Lansdowne 246155, India
Google Rating: 4.5/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

4. The Lilac Cottage

The Lilac Cottage

Nestled away from the city commotion, this is a luxury retreat in Mussorie. The cottage comes with 2 bedrooms and is built around the palace of the king of Nepal in Barloganj. At a distance of only 15 minutes from the city center, the cottage is easily accessible. The place comes with a snooker table and a ground where one can play games like football and cricket. The cottage is beautifully done and is one of the luxury homestays in Uttarakhand. It is an ideal place for families and has a mess which serves tasty home cooked food.

Address: Cottage Number 6B Kamal Cottages Jharipani, Barlow Ganj, Mussoorie
Google Rating: 5/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

5. The Homestead

The Homestead

Nestled in the Himalayas, this is a beautiful place to spend a couple of days away from the city din. The homestay is serene and one can enjoy complete tranquility here. The homestay is surrounded by fruit orchards, adding to the natural beauty of the place. In quite a vicinity of Jim Corbett National Park, the property is not too far away from Nainital either. This is a modern homestay which reminds one of rustic charm. The property is managed by a hospitable couple who’ll make you feel completely at home.

Address: Pirumadara Ramnagar, Jim Corbett National Park, India
Google Rating: 5/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

6. Sitla Estate

Sitla Estate

If old quaint places are your idea of staying at a vacation, then Sitla Estate is just the kind of place that you would like. This is a 150 year old house which enthralls its visitors with its cozy ambiance. The property has a small library for those who love to read, rooms overlooking the beautiful landscapes of Uttarakhand and a warm kitchen for all your food cravings. Nestled amidst lush green orchards, Sitla Estate is situated away from the hubbub of the city.

Address: Vikram malra, Mukteshwar 263138, India
Google Rating: 4.4/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

7. La Villa Bethany

La Villa Bethany In Uttarakhand

If you are a person who chooses mountains over beaches, then head to Landour in Mussorie for your next trip and stay at La Villa Bethany, a cozy English cottage. La Villa Bethany is a boutique property which is at a distance of 4 km from the city center. The rooms are beautifully done and one is reminded of the colonial era here at this villa. Stay at this country home, away from the city rush and relax and rejuvenate. Enjoy walks in the woods, and the beautiful vistas of the mountains beyond the Pines and Deodars.

Address: Near Kellogg Memorial Church | Landour, Mussoorie 248179, India
Google Rating: 4.6/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

8. Himalayan Homestay Uttrakhand

Himalayan Homestay Uttrakhand

The Sankri village is a lesser known village of Uttarakhand which is otherwise famous with trekkers, as it is a base point for quite a lot of treks in this state. Himalayan Homestay Uttrakhand can be counted upon when one is searching for homestays in Uttarakhand villages. The homestay is located in the mountains and is comfortable and peaceful. It is one of the cheap homestays in Uttarakhand. If you are a frequent traveler and love to go on treks, then thius can be your abode for a day or two.

Address: Sankri – Taluka Road, Uttarkashi 249193, India
Google Rating: 4.7/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

TripAdvisor Reviews

9. ZeroStay



This is an amazing farm stay hosted by Mr. Manish. Nestled on the steps of the hills in Kanatal, this is a beautiful place. The cottages are rustic, and one is totally amidst nature here. The property is a bit off the road, and one has to trek around 1.5 km which takes around 20-30 minutes to reach the cottages. There is a kitchen and a cook available on the property who makes amazing food. Phone signals are not that great and one might face problems there, but you can live without your phone for a day or two, no? Experience nature while you stay here, in these cottages at Kanatal.

Address: Kanatal


10. The White Peaks

The White Peaks In Uttarakhand

In the serene Himalayan hamlet of Gagar, is this quaint cottage, called the White Peaks. Situated amidst the majestic oak trees, it gives one the feeling of staying in the woods. Wake up to the fresh mountain air, and sunrays falling on your window. A boutique homestay, this is a perfect accommodation option for those who love to interact with nature. A home in the hills, this property also allows pets. So, if you amongst those, who travel with your pets, then this the perfect abode for you!

Address: Mukta Niwas, Gagar 263132, India
Google Rating: 4.6/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

The mountains are calling! Plan a trip to the mountains soon and stay at one of these homestays in Uttarakhand. The homestays here are quirky and comfortable and the hosts full of warmth. Also, located away from the city center, most of them offer complete privacy. Relish the local flavors of the state and we bet that it would be a memorable trip for sure. Head soon with your friends and family!

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Shopping In Cambodia: The Inner Shopaholic In You Will Not Be Able To Resist These 10 Places

Cambodia is a country rich in both tradition and culture. This is very well demonstrated in the artifacts and craftworks created by the local artisans. One always tends to dig in to take home the best possible souvenir as a memory of traveling to a certain place, and the Cambodian markets offer just that at pocket-friendly rates. This makes shopping in Cambodia the experience of a lifetime.

Here are a few places which every shopaholic must visit for a unique experience of shopping in Cambodia. These marketplaces are preferred over shopping malls in Cambodia for purchasing unique products.

1. Artisans Angkor

Artisans Angkor

This is a beautiful shop which sells a variety of wooden artifacts which are wonderfully carved to represent the Angkorian statues. It also sells stone statues which are magnificently crafted to depict the ancient Cambodian culture. The household furnishings are also put on sale and have a unique design. They make for an excellent addition to any home. The funds generated from the sales go to a school which is owned by the artisans. This school works towards encouraging more young Cambodians to join their training program. This is a popular destination for shopping in Cambodia Siem Reap.

Location: Stung Thmey Street, P.O. Box 47, Siem Reap, Cambodia
What To Buy: Wooden and stone artifacts, home furnishings

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2. Psar Thmei

Psar Thmei

This is often referred to as the “Central Market” as it is located in the heart of Phnom Penh. The building has a huge dome and has a structure similar to that of Babylonian Ziggurat. This market has four wings in total which accommodate many shops selling a variety of fashion accessories and apparel. Several snacking options are also housed in this magnificent building.

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
What To Buy: Gold and silver jewelry, watches, antique coins, clothing

3. Angkor Night Market

Tourists bargaining at a shop of the famous Cambodian Angkor night market

This is the original night market of Siem Reap whose concept has been adopted by many other markets in the region. It is filled with numerous stalls that offer a variety of beautiful artworks for sale. It accommodates many nightclubs and bars with plenty of opportunities for tourists to witness the live performances by talented artists. One can even indulge in a fish massage or watch a 3D movie based on the Khmer Rouge.

Location: Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
What To Buy: Souvenirs, handicrafts, silk

4. AHA Fair Trade Village

AHA Fair Trade Village

This is a handicrafts market which sells locally-made products, which are perfect as a gift or souvenir. There are more than 20 shops in this place that sell a large variety of attractive traditional handicrafts. Pottery classes are also offered by many shops, which makes for a unique experience. This area hosts the Khmer Cultural Show twice a month, during which the number of stalls burgeon, providing more options to shop from. Thus, it only makes sense that this village is in your places to visit list when visiting Cambodia.

Location: Road 60, Sangkat Sla Kram, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
What To Buy: Locally made handicrafts

5. Theam’s House

Theam's House

This shop is owned and operated by a Cambodian designer and artist who goes by the name Theam. If you want to experience the best shopping in Cambodia, do visit Theam’s House. He previously used to work with Artisans Angkor and now owns his own studio that features many traditional artifacts. His studio is a unique creative space hidden amidst the bustle of Siem Reap. This studio is a little hard to locate, but the original artwork sold here make it worth the effort.

Location: 25 Veal, Kokchak District, Siem Reap, Cambodia
What To Buy: Lacquer creations and artwork

6. Samatoa


Samatoa is a store which sells the unique blend of common fabrics, such as silk and cotton, with lotus fibers. The natural fibers of plants such as lotus and banana are used here to soften the texture of silk and cotton fabrics. The tailor-made clothes from these unique fabrics can be ordered by anyone. One can even visit the lotus farm to learn in-depth about this blending process.

Location: 11 Road 63, Siem Reap, Cambodia
What To Buy: Clothing made from the fabric and plant fiber blends

7. Daughters Of Cambodia

Daughters Of Cambodia

Several fashion accessories made from natural dyes and eco-friendly cotton are sold here. Daughters of Cambodia is an NGO dedicated to providing support to the victims of sex trafficking and prostitution. These participants are trained and assisted through various programs run by the NGO.

Location: 321 Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
What To Buy: Clothes, accessories, bags

8. Trunkh


Trunkh is a great shop to buy quirky gifts and offers the best souvenirs from Cambodiato take back home. The unique designs found here are not found in any other shops in the region. Many attractive products, including t-shirts, jewelry, clothing options, throw pillows etc., are sold here. The owner of this shop has a great eye for selecting the best products available in the region and putting it on display for sale.

Location: Hup Guan Street, Siem Reap
What To Buy: shirts, t-shirts, throw pillows, jewelry, poster art, Cambodian water buffalo bells

9. Psar Chaa

psar chaa

Anything and everything is sold in Psar Chaa marketplace. One can get great deals on a variety of products when bargained patiently. The souvenirs sold here are imported from China and Thailand and are not originally made in Cambodia, though many shopkeepers may claim them to be original. Any kind of jewelry, traditional artifact copies, clothing etc., can be purchased from here at affordable rates. This is a perfect place for cheap shopping in Cambodia.

Location: Psar Chaa Road, Siem Reap 17252, Cambodia
What To Buy: Silk material and clothing, silverware, stone carvings, woodworks, notes and coins, paintings, table mats, clothing

10. Russian Market

russian market

This Russian market is the ideal place for clothes shopping in Cambodia. Many branded clothes are sold at discounted prices here, along with the locally-made garments. One will be pleasantly surprised by the rates of clothes from high-end brands like Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Billabong, Gap, Columbia, Next and many others. Also, if you are looking for the best souvenirs and unique gifting options, this market showcases products that cannot be found anywhere else in the region. Copies of traditional handicrafts and antiques are also sold here.
During the 1980s, a large number of Russian expats used to shop here, thus it was named after them.

Location: Street 155, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
What To Buy: Discounted branded clothing, wood carvings, Buddha statues, silver jewelry, silk material and clothing, betel-nut boxes, musical instruments

All the major shopping hubs offering the major things to buy in Cambodia are housed by the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap regions. Witness the exhilarating experience of shopping in Cambodia by booking a tour to Cambodia through us and get many exciting offers and deals.

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Go On A Relaxing Walk And Enjoy The View Of These 9 Spectacular Waterfalls In Ratnapura

The island country of Sri Lanka is full of scenic places and many beautiful destinations. If you are a lover of tropical region you will love this island paradise a lot. There are many lovely destinations in Sri Lanka that you would love to visit. One such place is Ratnapura, located in the Central Sri Lankan Province.Ratnapura is the ‘city of gems’ with many gemstones mines includes Sapphires and Rubies. The Ratnapura district is also home to the largest number of concentrated waterfalls. Situated amidst peaks and waterfalls, this place is really a nature lover’s haven.

As we mentioned earlier, Ratnapura has the largest number of waterfalls among other locations in Sri Lanka. Many stunning waterfalls add to the beauty of this lovely district of Sri Lanka. If you are a lover of nature, then you will truly be amazed by the beauty of these of these waterfalls. Take a look at the 9 best waterfalls in Ratnapura district and make the best out of your trip.

1. Bambarakanda Waterfall


With a height of 790 feet, the Bambarakanda Waterfalls in Ratnapura, is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The waterfall is formed by Kuda Oya, a branch of Walawe River. Situated deep in a pine forest the sight of the waterfall is simply breathtaking. Even the road that leads to the waterfall is full of beautiful natural scenarios. A small hike along the mountains takes you to the Bambarakanda Waterfall. You can even walk your way through the base of the waterfall and enjoy a nice shower from the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The top of the falls is covered in mist most of the times, so the view from the base is really stunning. Apart from this lovely waterfall, there are two other small waterfalls on the top of the main waterfall that are equally as beautiful.

Location: Kalupahana Ohiya Road, Sri Lanka

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2. Boptah Ella Falls

Boptah Ella Falls

Situated in Ratnapura district, Boptah Ella is another major waterfall in Sri Lanka. The waterfall is formed in the shape of a Scared Fig leaf or locally known as Bo tree, which is where it derives its name from. Formed, from Kuru Ganga, a tributary of Kalu Ganga, this waterfall is about 98 feet high and is a major tourist attraction. The falls is surrounded by plants and tree and water cascading down the stepped structure is really a stunning view to behold. In addition to being rich in biodiversity, the waterfalls is also steeped in folklore. The locals believe the place to be haunted and that it contains a treasure trove hidden somewhere within the falls.

Location: Agalawatta, Kuruwita, Sri Lanka.

3. Kirindi Falls


This waterfall in Ratnapura district creates an absolutely stunning view during the monsoon season. Even in the dry seasons, the view is equally cool/ you can take a tuk tuk to reach the location of the entrance and then wander down to the viewpoint of the falls. If you are in a mood for adventure, you can even go down to the base of the waterfall, although the road to the base is not clear as not many people frequent this place. But if you are down to it make sure to wear a good pair of trousers and a shoe with a nice grip. With a height of 116 meter, this waterfall is the seventh tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It originates from the Kirindi Ella stream and flows down the Kuttapitiya Mountain. At the base of the fall, the water forms a deep pool but you can only see it during rainy months, as it completely dries up during the summers.

Location: Kuttapitiya, Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka.

4. Katugas Ella Falls


Located not very far from Ratnapura town, Katugas Ella is one of the best waterfalls near Ratnapura. Hidden deep in the jungles this waterfalls is indeed splendid. Since it is hidden inside the jungles, you have to take a little effort to locate the waterfall and there is also no proper path. But once you reach the place, the view is absolutely stunning. The Katugas Ella falls flows into the Kalu Ganga. It is advised that you visit the falls during the drier seasons and avoid it during the rainy season. During the wet months, the road to the falls becomes slippery and there is a high risk of slipping and falling.

Location: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

5. Rajanawa Falls


Situated right next to Ratnapura Kalawana main road, the Rajanawa waterfalls offers a very beautiful natural landscape. The scenery is so beautiful that it has attracted the shooting of multiple famous Sinhala films. Scores of tourist visit this waterfall every year and there are many museums, art galleries and nearby Rajanawa Waterfalls. According the folklore, locals say that King Walagamba used to bathe and organized his army fleet at this spot and hence the falls derived the name Raja (king) nawa.

Location: Colombo Batticaloa Highway, Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

6. Alupola Falls


Located in Wewalwatta region, Alupola is a beautiful cascading waterfall in Ratnapura district. The water falls downs three cascades creating a lovely scenery to behold. The water that flows down the cascades is milky white in formation, so much so that one might wonder if it is really milk that is flowing down the hills. The milky effect is created by the clear water striking the rocks and generating white foam. The natural scenery is nice and you can click some beautiful Instagram worthy pictures in this spot. Reaching the Alupola Falls is easy. Take the Wewalwatta road on Ratnapura Balangoda road and you will easily spot the waterfall on your way.

Location: Ratnapura Balangoda Road, Sri Lanka.

7. Lanka Ella Falls


Located near the Bambarakanda Waterfall, the Lanka Ella Falls is scene of pure beauty. Due to the location of the falls, it is not frequented by travelers often and hence its beauty remains untarnished by human activity. The location of the falls is about a kilometer away from the Lanka Ella Falls and can be accessed only on foot. The water of the falls drops on a rock pool below, which is in the shape of the island of Sri Lanka and hence the name of the falls is Lanka Ella falls. The pool below the falls is not suitable for bathing activity as it is believed to be extremely deep.

Location: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

8. Mapalana Falls


This waterfall is located in the Siripada Mountains and flows from Ella Oya. The height of the waterfall is 141 meters and it is said to be the 4th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. This lesser known waterfall is truly beautiful in its glory. As you gradually approach the waterfall, you can hear the water rushing down the hills. In the wetter months the gushing of the waterfall can be heard from as much as 6 kms away. There is a tea estate near the waterfalls and if you walk for about 50 meters, you will reach the base of the waterfall. The water here is suitable for swimming. You can enjoy a nice bath in the water of the falls. The milky white water bursting from the hills will definitely dazzle you.

Location: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

9. Dehena Falls


The Dehena Falls originates from a small spring called Gaslabu Ella and flows through an impressive height of 73 meter. The water flows down in the form of two twin chutes from the Dehena Mountains. During the rainy season the caves surrounding the waterfall is completely submerged in water, so the best time to visit the waterfall would be during the drier months.

Location: Ratnapura Wewalwatte Road, Sri Lanka.

Nonetheless, this list of 9 best waterfalls in Ratnapura will give you the idea of which ones to visit on your Sri Lanka tour. And while you’re planning add these waterfalls in your bucket list, don’t forget to plan your Sri Lanka holiday with TravelTriangle and enjoy a memorable vacation amidst the nature’s treasure.

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Shopping In Washington DC: 10 Incredible Places For The Best Retail Therapy!

Shopping in Washington, D.C. is an exciting activity as the capital offers diverse and varied shopping options to choose from. The lively streets of this place accommodate numerous shopping opportunities which satisfy the inner shopaholic of every kind of traveller. From the lavish and posh metropolitan stores which stock up the exclusive designer wear to the trendy boutiques in the neighbourhood, Washington, D.C. has it all.

Here are the 10 best shopping destinations in Washington, D.C. Take a look and add them to your itinerary for a soul-filling experience!

1. Violet Boutique

Violet Boutique

This boutique provides several varied options of clothing at pocket-friendly rates. Violet Boutique is a perfect place for experiencing best boutique shopping in Washington, D.C. It is a crowd pleaser offering a collection of classics as well as trendy wear. This place is so popular that it is always crowded with locals as well as tourists, who are bustling the shop to find the perfect piece of clothing.

Location: 3289 M St. NW, Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Dresses, trendy tops, pants and pretty bags

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2. Eastern Market

Eastern Market

One should head to the Eastern Market for cheap shopping in Washington, D.C. This market is considered the second-best flea market of Washington D.C. as there are so many diverse vendors selling a variety of accessories and clothing options. This market started in the year 1983 and since then it has been a popular flea market from where one can buy varied imported products and vintage items at a surprisingly low rate.

Location: 225 7th St. SE, Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Handcrafted jewellery, handcrafted artefacts, collectables, vintage products, antiques

3. Tanger Outlets National Harbour

Tanger Outlets National Harbour

There aren’t many nice options for outlet shopping in Washington, D.C. but, some of the best outlet malls are located just 30-45 minutes away from the capital. Tanger Outlets National Harbour is one such place which is just 8 miles away from Washington, D.C. This place houses many brand outlets including Banana Republic Factory Store, Gap Factory Store, Tommy Hilfiger, Aeropostale, Calvin Klein, IZOD, H & M and many more.

Location: 6800 Oxon Hill Road, National Harbour, MD, 8 miles away from Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Clothes and accessories from leading brands

4. Gallery Palace

Gallery Palace

Gallery Palace is a multi-purpose shopping mall in Washington, D.C. that perfectly merges shopping, business, entertainment and dining all under one roof. It is prominently situated close to the most popular areas of Washington, D.C. which are Chinatown and Capital One Arena. The retail stores accommodated by this shopping mall include Bed Bath & Beyond, Health Clubs, Ann Taylor LOFT, Washington Sport, Urban Outfitters and many more.

Location: H St NW & 7th Street Northwest, Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Products from the many popular and affordable retail brand stores

5. CityCenterDC


This is one of the well-known shopping centres in Washington, D.C. which is a fashionistas paradise. The high-end brand’s retail stores take up several blocks of the city, these include Kate Spade, Gucci, Hermes, Paul Stuart and many others which makes CityCenterDC the place to be for an ultimate shopping spree. In addition to these clothing brands, many other high-end brands selling fashion accessories, luxury skin care products and beauty tools, are also accommodated in this biggest shopping mall in Washington, D.C. CityCenterDC offers the best experience of shopping in Downtown Washington, D.C.

Location: 825 10th St NW, Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Clothes, accessories, skin care products and beauty tools from the high-end brands

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. Pentagon City Mall

Pentagon City Mall

Pentagon City Mall in Washington, D.C. area offers the best shopping and dining options in the capital. This fashion centre at the Pentagon City is one of the premier shopping malls in the region. This upscale shopping centre accommodates more than 170 stores selling various fashion products. These stores include Talbots, Ann Taylor, Coach, Bailey Banks & Biddle, Guess, Swarovski, Banana Republic among many others. It is conveniently connected to the rest of the capital areas through the Pentagon City Metro station, which is at a walkable distance from the mall.

Location: 1100 South Hayes Street, Arlington, Virginia, 4 miles away from Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Fashion merchandise from the popular and leading brand stores

7. Georgetown Flea Market

Georgetown Flea Market

This popular flea market is the best place for shopping in Georgetown Washington, D.C. This flea market is hosted by the Hardy Middle School in Washington, D. C. on every Sunday of the week. It is considered to be the largest flea market in the capital, selling an assortment of antiques and handcrafted goods and collectables. This flea market was first started in 1972 and has been a popular shopping destination among the locals ever since. It is advisable to carry cash to this place as only a few of the vendors accept the other forms of payment like PayPal and credit cards

Location: 1819 35th St NW, Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Antiques, vintage furnishings, handcrafted art pieces, jewellery and clothing

8. Lynn Louisa

Lynn Louisa

This boutique store is hidden in the charming streets of Georgetown, which is one of the best shopping places in Washington, D.C. It focuses on delivering a woman’s fashion needs by offering the various products from premium brands at affordable rates. The designs sold here are the latest trending ones which are loved by plenty of locals and many tourists. The store owner follows the designs of famous fashion lines like Just Female, Rachel Comey etc, to continue to deliver the new and next in fashion.

Location: 1631 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Clothing, jewellery and accessories

9. Lettie Gooch

Lettie Gooch

Lettie Gooch is a unique and cool boutique which offers fun and funky products for sale. It has options from trendy leather jackets to classy evening gowns, offering something for all kinds of visitors with different taste in fashion. This is one of the go-to boutiques for budget shopping in Washington, D.C.

Location: 1921 8th St. NW #110, Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Funky and trendy clothing and accessories

10. Ella-Rue


This is one of the best places for luxury shopping in Washington, D.C. Ella-Rue offers high-end accessories and clothes shopping in Washington, D.C. Pre-owned and authenticated products from the luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, are sold here. This store is perfect for buying the high-end luxury brand products at extremely affordable rates.

Location: 3231 P St. NW, Washington, D.C.
What To Buy: Pre-owned luxury brand products

Shopping in Washington, D.C. is most enjoyed when done in any of these above mentioned best shopping areas in Washington, D.C Plan your visit to US and avail the many attractive offers.

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Guide To Udon Thani Shopping: The Perfect Way To Spend Your Weekend

Our guide to Udon Thani shopping includes high end malls to local market serving local handicrafts products and other essential items. One of the most common things in Udon Thani’s market is that, live musical performances along with rock band and pop songs can be enjoyed live. This also helps in keeping the talent of people intact and more new horizons for exposure. For those of you who’re planning a trip to Thailand soon, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a detailed list of 6 Udon Thani shopping spots. We suggest you to head to these incredible places to shop for valuables, food, furnishings and more:

1. Night Market

Night Market

If you want to see Thailand in real sense, then Udon Thani night market is one of the finest places to go. This market is located right in front of the station and getting a space to park the car is more like an achievement here especially on weekends. This market is bifurcated in two different sections portraying as one whole market. One part of the market is the Centrepoint which also leads towards the railway station while the other part is the newly erected Lum Udon Market.

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2. Landmark Plaza

Landmark Plaza

Landmark Plaza is becoming the buzz of the town; apart from tourist and expats, local people also love to come here and spend some time here. This Plaza is accompanied by Kidzoona, a play zone for kids. Children simply love to spend their time here and parents love watching them. There are plenty of shops pooled with different items like clothing, games, handicrafts etc. they items and play zone for kids are available at an affordable price and does not create a burden on visitors.

3. Na Kha Local Market

Na Kha Local Market

The crux of this market is to help the visitors understand the lifestyle of the local people here. People can find boats flooded with items and readymade food to be served. Taking a boat ride is one the good adventure. It is not always necessary to go and witness the loud noise of pubs; instead sometimes it is good to spend some time in peace and tranquility. Foreign visitors come here to actually witness the real life of local Thailand and how people earn their living.

4. Udon City Walking Street

Udon City Walking Street

Udon City Walking Street is located in a suitable ambience right in front of the Chinese Temple along the side of Walking Street. Visitors who are strolling on the streets of Walking Street will be able to catch a glimpse of some live performances. These performances vary from classic rock performance to pop band performance. This place is more known for music and live performances. It is more like a blessing for the music lovers to sit and enjoy live performances.

5. Central Plaza

Central Plaza

One of the biggest malls in Udon Thani, people love to go over there and shop. This mall is flooded with local visitors especially on weekends, and for the foreign tourists it is more like bringing the entire Thailand market under one single roof. The food court right on the top offers lip smacking Thai cuisines at an affordable price; while for shopaholics it is also a blessing as they get whatever they have thought about. They have a lot of variety like clothing, art and handicrafts, souvenirs, wines etc.

6. Great Market

Great Market

This market is also divided into two sections: one part dealing with eateries, snacks and local food that could be packed and taken while the other one selling clothes, accessories, phone accessories, kitchen supplies, groceries and plenty of other items. All of the items including food are available at an affordable price and people love shopping here. Also it should be noted that shops here offer genuine and real products not the fake one. The prices here are considerably low in comparison to the mall rate.

7. Floating Market

Floating Market

No trip is complete without a shopping spree and especially when it comes to shopping in a different city. Udon Thani consists of plenty of local markets especially the floating markets. These floating markets consist of either items kept for the purpose of selling, or cooking fresh food and selling them. People buying the local food sit down there itself near the bank of canal and enjoy their food. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride of the canal and enjoying the fresh delicacies at the same time like soup and dumplings.

Plan a trip to Thailand and keep this guide handy for tips and tricks to indulge in shopping in Udon Thani. A fabulous shopping experience is incomplete without friends, so make sure to take your friends along and have the greatest time of your life in Thailand.

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