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Snorkeling In Cape Town: 10 Best Places To Go Underwater

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

Cape Town in South Africa is famous for its extensive cultural attractions and a vibrant nightlife scene. This capital city is also home to many beautiful snorkeling destinations. From large bays to rocky reefs, there are tons of places that you can go for snorkeling in Cape Town.

Though Cape Town has temperate waters, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find any snorkeling opportunities. Cape Town is practically beaming with snorkeling destinations. The snorkeling community has especially grown in the past few years, which is mainly due to the popularity of fur seal colonies. Not only the seals, the Mako sharks and the Blue sharks also attract a lot of snorkelers.

Snorkeling in Cape Town, is an ultimate wildlife experience that you should not miss. In this article we have put together a list of best snorkeling places in Cape Town, which you should definitely check out.

Cape Town is home to many amazing snorkeling destinations. The underwater life is rich with marine creatures like fur seals, blue sharks, mako sharks. Seven gills sharks, whales and dolphins. Simply dive into the blue waters and take a nice look at the exceptional marine life in Cape Town. Take a look at our list of places for snorkeling in Cape Town, South Africa.

1. Pyramid Rock

Pyramid Rock

Pyramid Rock, located in Castle Rocks, is an inshore rocky reef near Miller’s point. Pyramid Rock got its name due to the massive, pointed rock which is visible both during low and high tides. The reef is well protected against North Western winds, which is why winters may be the best time to visit this reef. Nonetheless, Pyramid Rock is a great snorkeling destination. Once you reach this snorkeling site, you will see that they offer both individual as well as group snorkeling tours. Dive into the deep blue waters of the False Bay and explore the wide array of marine life. Pyramid Rock is home to a variety of shy sharks, cow sharks, gully sharks and fishes. You can also reach this spot by swimming from Shark Alley, another place for snorkeling in Cape Town.

Location: False Bay coast, Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, South Africa.

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2. Windmill Beach

Windmill Beach

Windmill Beach is one of the most popular snorkeling destination on False Bay. The place is beautiful and apart for snorkeling, a perfect spot for photographic expeditions. The Beach is very much exposed to the south easterly winds and thus it is advised to visit this place on a calm day. The granite boulders that you see around the beach, is home to a colony of South African Penguins. The underwater life includes seals, cow sharks and many varieties of cold water fishes.

Location: False Bay, South Africa
Timings: Open 24 hours

3. Sandy Cove

Sandy Cove

This snorkeling spot is located in Oudekraal Beach. There is a steep descent down the road, through which you can reach the Bay. The bay is surrounded by kelp forests and in the center is a four to five meter deep sandy patch, making it a perfect spot for snorkeling. The bay is teeming with a variety of small fishes as well as Shy sharks and Pajama sharks and Electric Rays in the marine life. The beach is protected from south easterly winds but not from north westerly swells, hence the best time to visit this destination would be summer months.

Location: North Oudekraal, South Africa

4. Long Beach

Long Beach

Long Beach is another snorkeling spot in Cape Town, located in Simons Town. The place is especially calm and tranquil, making it a perfect spot to relax. Visitors come to this beach to swim as well as snorkel in the sea waters. Snorkeling here takes you to the underwater life, where you can see many cow sharks as well as a variety of aquatic plants. The beach is open to people all throughout the year, so you can go snorkeling any time you want.

Location: Simons Town, Cape Town, South Africa.
Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM

5. The Old Harbor in Hermanus

The Old Harbor in Hermanus

The quaint town of Hermanus attracts a lot of snorkeling enthusiasts due to its great whale watching opportunities. Reaching the Bay is relatively easy and once there, you get the chance to see the Southern Right Whales. Diving into the water, you will see many other variety of small fishes and kelps. If you are lucky enough, you might also be able to hear the Whales. The harbor is open to visitors all throughout the year but the best time to visit the place is during winter and spring months.

Location: Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa.
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM

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6. Hout Bay

Hout Bay

Hout Bay is the perfect place for seal snorkeling in Cape Town. Under the deep Atlantic Waters you will see many cow sharks and Cape fur seals. Unlike other snorkeling destinations, Hout Bay allows you to interact with the seals. The seals are very playful and you will enjoy a great time with them. If you are a beginner, then you can take the guided tour to enjoy a great snorkeling experience for the first time. Similar to Pyramid Rock, Hout Bay is also open to snorkeling all throughout the year.

Location: Hout Bay, Cape Town

7. Miller’s Point

Miller's Point

Located in False Bay, Miller’s Point is a shoreline line rocky reef, a perfect place for snorkeling. A lot of people come for snorkeling and scuba diving in this beautiful location.
You will always find something new and interesting at Miller’s Point. The underwater life boasts of 7 gill cow sharks and gully sharks. The place is surrounded by kelp forests, which makes it a habitat for many variety of underwater fishes.

Location: Murdock Valley, Cape Town, South Africa
Timings: 7 AM – 6 PM

8. Shark Bay

Shark Bay

Shark Bay is one of the best snorkeling destination for shark spotting. The sharks tend to thin out between September to December, so winter might be the best time for snorkeling in this location. While diving into the waters, expect to spot a lot of cow sharks and the best thing is these sharks are not dangerous and you can float about and spot as many sharks as you want. The place is also open to free diving, although you need to have a free diving pass to go for a dive here. Swimming through the waters, you can also reach Pyramid Rock, another snorkeling spot in Cape Town.

Location: Gansbaai, South Africa.

9. Partridge Point

Partridge Point

Partridge Point is one of the best snorkeling spot in Cape Town. Partridge Point is located on the south of Simon’s Town and you can spot the playful Cape fur seals in this spot. The extensive reef offers great visibility, which means when you dive into the water, you will see a vast number of seals in the water. The best route to reach Partridge Point is through a boat ride. Once here, don’t forget to visit the popular Seal Rock and the Peter’s Pinnacle.

Location: Western Cape, South Africa.
Timings: 9 AM – 2 PM

10. Cape Point

Cape Point

Cape Point is a part of the Table Mountain National Park and consists of multiple protected bays that are ideal for snorkeling and free diving. In the right weather conditions, this location becomes the perfect spot for snorkeling in Cape Town. Here, you will find a variety of sea life including a variety of fishes and Cape Fur seals. You can spot Cape Fur Seals all-round the year in this snorkeling spot.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Timings: 7 AM – 5 PM

Cape Town, as we can see here, is home to many underwater diving spots. There are so many snorkeling and scuba diving spots in Cape Town worth exploring. Here, you have your list, now go ahead and started exploring the underwater scenery of this lovely place. Plan a trip to South Africa, head to Cape Town and go underwater!

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Shopping In Thimphu: 10 Best Places For Buying The Best Of Everything In Bhutan

The beautiful, inspiring and chilled mountain capital city Thimphu is a major tourist attraction. When you visit the place, apart from indulging into interesting experiences one vital experience is to get yourselves few things from Thimphu. Shopping is such a never-say-no activity which has to be experienced in a new place. It invites you to the years old customs and traditions of the city and the people there. One could always get gifts and souvenirs for himself or herself while being in a new place. So, make sure you don’t skip the experience of shopping in Thimphu on your next Bhutan trip.

Here’s a list of ten top places where you shop till you drop in Thimphu. No doubt, there’s a lot you can bring home from Bhutan and these 10 places prove that pretty well.

1. National Handicrafts Emporium

main street shops around.

The traditional Bhutanese handicraft items can be found in here. One can easily spot the varieties of hand woven items by the Thimphu women. They are the ones which should be brought from this city only as it is the authentic place to buy. You could spot other handicraft products in the main street shops around. The location of this place could be asked by anybody and people can’t lie about being here. Shopping in Thimphu can get old school!

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2. The Thimphu Post Office

interesting souvenir

This might seem a bit confusing for the shoppers. But the unique thing about the post office is that they get your desired picture on the stamps. You could choose the picture and get it printed on your pen drive or mobile phone’s cover or even on a clothing piece. This could be an interesting souvenir for yourself and loved ones. A t-shirt or any shawl could captivate and please anybody. Some of the best you can squeeze in as far as shopping in Bhutan Thimphu is concerned.

3. Adang Village in Wangdue Phodrang

Adang Village

This area is famous for the hand-woven textiles. It is the quality of rural women to make the textiles as accurately as they should be. The quality of fabric, the texture of the cloth and the phenomenal designs will entice you to buy them. You could spot textiles of various fabrics like cotton, silk, bura, kushithara, etc. The latter ones are some of the traditional ones. This could be an interesting getaway from the main city. Go on ladies, the best shopping in Thimphu tour awaits you!

4. The Voluntary Artists Studio

The Voluntary Artists Studio

This place is a treat for the art lovers. It is the hotspot of all the local artists of the city. You could find an exhibition of their art work. It is located at the tarayana centre, chang lam, chubachu, Thimphu. It sports all the traditional as well as the emerging art too. So one could try to enjoy the process of the making of art pieces, the qualities one must have while making the art pieces and then buy. It is among the special places for shopping in Thimphu.

5. Paro

 traditional carved masks

You could find in here a lot of things to shop for. This is not exactly situated in Thimphu but another nearby place which has to be visited to get great things to shop. There are those traditional carved masks available. The Bhutanese culture has the importance of creative and colourful masks as a part of their festivals. Paro is a shopping site where you can find many other things like jewellery, cane and bamboo items, paintings and lot more. You can surely grab some of the special things to buy in Bhutan.

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6. Weekend Market

raditional thangkas, textiles, art and craft materials

This market sets up as per its name at the western side of the Wang chhu and northwards to the changlimithang stadium. It will begin at about Thursday and remains open till Sunday night. One could shop the traditional thangkas, textiles, art and craft materials and a lot of products from this market. One can dine in here to have some interesting snacks and delicacies of the place. Another interesting thing is the availability of incense sticks with wide variety of flavours.

7. Norzin Lam Craft Stalls

Norzin Lam Craft Stalls

It is one of the most visited places to shop the local items of arts and crafts. This place is for all the creative people. The beautiful designs, the colourful pieces, the intricate designs entice to buy and treat your eyes as much as you can. Its location is also a great one which is near the The Taj Tashi hotel. You could find a vast multitude of stalls sporting the amazing craft items. Street shopping in Thimphu is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Bhutan!

8. Sephub Gyeltsen Tsongkhang

Sephub Gyeltsen Tsongkhang

This market sports the best clothes made by the traditional Bhutanese people. It will get you the clothing pieces made by the locales. The beautiful colours, the magic of handmade textiles will get you mesmerised by its sheer nature. It has clothes for men, women, girls and boys of all sizes. They get you the best clothes which even have their global appeal. Lay your hands on some of the best things to buy in Bhutan.

9. Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Centre

 specially made woollens

If you are in mountainous city, you have to buy the specially made woollens. The only precaution could be to buy from the authentic shops so that you buy at the right place. Generally it is the gimmick of the tourist centres that one could be easily tricked for the prices. This store is located in the south end of the city in an area named Changzamtog. It is a private centre adorning the woven material. This woven material is authentic hand woven by the locales of the area.

10. Tarayana


This Bhutanese city is famous for more or less traditional arts and crafts, handicrafts by the local people. It gets you the best of the rural areas of the city. Usually the rural women have the art of keeping the traditional culture of the country. And this when put for sale can get the travellers the best one could get from the city. The ones to specifically watch out for is the scarves, bags, paper products and the nettle place mats.

Aren’t the places amazing? They will surely charm you with their offerings. So, don’t think much and plan that long awaited trip to Bhutan with TravelTriangle right away for a blissful holiday experience. Also, happy shopping in Thimphu!

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Serengeti National Park: A Detailed Guide To The Greatest Wildlife Spectacle In Tanzania

Established in 1952, the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is without a doubt the most famous wildlife sanctuary in the world. This is where you can see the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth – the migration of the zebra and wildebeest. The wildlife population in this vast park includes lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs and countless different species of birds. Covering 5,700 sq. miles, the park is larger than Connecticut and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are in Tanzania, you should not miss visiting this world-renowned park.

Serengeti National Park

Location: From the Mara and Simiyu regions of Northern Tanzania to Southwestern Kenya
Area: 14,750 square kms
Distance From Arusha City: 235.1 kms
Established: 1952
Average Footfall: About 2 million per year
Must-Visit: Grumeti Game Reserve
Famous For: Wildlife Safaris
Nearest Airport: Senora Airstrip is the primary airstrip in the park. Major airport near the Serengeti National Park’s proximity are Arusha Airport, Mwanza Airport, and Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Serengeti National Park

Late June to October is the best time to visit Serengeti National Park for the best wildlife viewing, including the spectacular wildebeest migration. The timing of the migration varies from year to year – your best chance of seeing it is during June and July. On the other hand, the wildebeest calving season is from late January to February. The Serengeti National park majorly experiences two seasons, Dry season which lasts from June to October and Wet season which lasts from November to May.

Due to the many things to do and see in the Serengeti, you should make plans to have three or four days to spend on Serengeti National Park tours and go on a safari. If you are into photography, you should stay a little longer to make sure that you capture all that the park has to offer and get amazing photos.

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Take a look at some of the best places to visit in Serengeti National Park.

1. Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Although it is not an actual part of Serengeti National Park, you should make it a point to visit Ngorongoro Conservation Area if you are in the area. The site flanks the Serengeti’s eastern edge and houses the sixth-largest intact volcanic caldera named the Ngorongoro Crater and Olduvai Gorge. Sprawling across over 32,000 sq. miles, Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than 25,000 animals.

2. Seronera River Valley

Seronera River Valley

This vast valley encompasses a large portion of Central Serengeti and teems with wildlife. On any given day, you can spot elephants, zebras, wildebeests, gazelles, giraffes and many other species. Senonera River Valley is also one of the best places to visit if you want an opportunity to see the elusive leopards of the park.

3. Lobo Valley

Lobo Valley

Located in Northern Serengeti, the Lobo Valley should be at the top of your list of places to see. Back in 1913, American conservationist Stewart White described this sprawling area as a “paradise.” The Lobo Valley, along with the Senonera Valley, is one of the only places in the Serengeti where all three big cats – lions, leopards and cheetahs – roam. You will also see elephants, baboons and giraffes on a regular basis here. Plus from July through November, you can see millions of gazelles, wildebeest and zebras make their way to the area during The Great Migration.

4. Naabi Hill

Naabi Hill

Situated by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Eastern Serengeti, Naabi Hill serves as the main entrance to the Serengeti National Park. The walking trail here is a great place to stretch your legs after a long drive as it offers some of the most stunning views of the Serengeti. The hill covered in acacia is also the home base for a pride of majestic lions and welcomes millions of gazelles, zebras and wildebeest. To spot a variety of wildlife, visit this area between December and June.

5. Bologonja Springs

Bologna Springs

This is another major attraction in the Serengeti’s northeastern area near the border of Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. The verdant Bologonja Springs has refreshing waters and superb canopies that attract different animals by the hundreds. You will get a chance to get up close and personal with many larger mammals like giraffes and elephants as well as rare antelope species, such as the mountain reedbuck, the steenbok and many exotic birds.

Other Attractions In Serengeti National Park: Retina Hippo Pool, Grumeti River, The Great Migration, Serengeti balloon safaris, and more.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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1. Witness The Great Migration

Witness The Great Migration

People from all over the world visit the Serengeti to see The Great Migration for themselves. As the largest migration of animals in the world, it is a sight to behold. It is important to be aware of when exactly the Great Wildebeest Migration is taking place. You should check the Serengeti National Park map to find out where the migration happens as well. It is a cyclical event, but it is critical to be sure to plan your trip just right.

2. Visit The Olduvai Gorge

Olduvai Gorge

The 300-mile long Olduvai Gorge, also known as Olduvai Gorge, is situated in the midst of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. It is known all over the world for being the site where 2 million-year old fossils were discovered. This gorge is a place to step back in time and walk the path taken by our ancient ancestors. While visiting Olduvai Gorge, do not miss stopping at the Olduvai Museum, which was founded by the woman who found the fossils, Mary Leakey.

3. Go On An Air Safari

Go On An Air Safari

When you are in Tanzania, it is a must to go on a Serengeti National Park safari. But to get the most stunning view of the park, nothing comes close to an air safari. You get a bird’s eye view of the Serengeti, a sight that will take your breath away. You can book a hot air balloon ride that suits your budget. There are basic rides, as well as more luxurious ones, complete with champagne! You can also book a small chartered plane for a more adventurous aerial trip.

4. Visit The Moru Kopjes

Moru Kopjes

Looking for something to thrill the adventurer in you while in the Serengeti? You should make your way to Moru Kopjes, the most interesting rock formation that you will ever see. Mound-like rocks that rise up high in the center of the Serengeti plains, provide not just shade but also hydration for animals. This is also one of the top animal viewing areas, so you can spot predators like leopards, cheetahs and lions. If you are interested in exploring the area’s culture, you can check out ancient African rock paintings by the Maasai. Do not forget to visit the ‘Gong Rock’ that the local people revere as they believe that it is an ancient musical instrument.

5. Experience The Maasai Culture And Way Of Life

Experience The Maasai Culture And Way Of Life

Groups of semi-nomadic tribes have lived in Tanzania and Kenya for many years. A few hours at the village will allow you to experience the Maasai way of life in village-like communities known as bomas. You will love interacting with the Maasai as they are welcoming, hospitable and very eager to share information about their traditions, customs and lifestyle.

Other Things To Do In Serengeti National Park: Witness a crocodile-wildebeest engagement in the Grumeti River, Rent a tent in one of the Serengeti campsites, contact your travel agent or a local NGO to schedule a less touristy private Maasai village trip, and more.

1. Asanka Camp

Asanka Camp

This is an amazing camp that sits in the middle of the rocky island of Moru Kopjes. Tented camps are a great way to truly experience the wonders of the Serengeti, and Asanka Camp has 5 luxury tents that each represents a special ceremony of the Maasai. The tents have a private verandah and an en suite bathroom with hot shower and flush toilet – all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

2. Bougainvillea Safari Lodge

Bougainvillea Safari Lodge

Located on the outskirts of the town of Karatu, midway between Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater, Bougainvillea Safari Lodge is another great place to stay during your trip to the Serengeti. Each of the 24 cottages at the lodge has a king or twin bed, a fireplace and a large bathroom. Luxurious yet cozy and comfortable, the lodge is definitely a superb accommodation choice for the guests.

3. Gibbs’ Farm

Gibbs Farm

One of the first and oldest guest houses in the northern part of Tanzania, Gibbs’ Farm is a wonderful place to stay when you are in the Serengeti National Park. It overlooks the Ngorongoro Forest and the great rift valley. There are 17 guest cottages and each has a unique theme and elegantly appointed with a private verandah, eucalyptus floors, 2 queen-size beds and handcrafted furniture.

4. Kensington Serengeti Camp

Kensington Serengeti Camp

Located in the Grumeti corridor’s Kirawira area on the west side of the park, Kensington Serengeti Camp is a superb place to stay during your holiday. It consists of 10 luxurious tents that are fully furnished with en suite facilities. Visitors looking for mid-range Serengeti National Park hotels have an excellent option with Kensington Serengeti Camp.

5. Kenzan Luxury Mobile Camp

Kenzan Luxury Mobile Camp

Do you want accommodation in an area of the Serengeti National Park that gives you a closer view of The Great Migration? Well, then the Kenzan Luxury Mobile Camp is the perfect choice. The semi-permanent mobile camp is strategically located to make sure that guests get a great view of the famous migration.

Most safaris to the Serengeti National Park start from the town of Arusha. Your best option to get there is to take a flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport, situated about 46 kms from Arusha. The most convenient way to get to the Serengeti National Park from Arusha is by taking a small plane to one of the many airstrips in the park. The drive to the park from Arusha is roughly 202 miles or 325 km and will take roughly 8 hours.

Are you excited about going to the Serengeti National Park? It is no surprise that you are! With so many amazing sights and attractions awaiting you, book your customized holiday package to Tanzania with TravelTriangle and witness the world beyond the hustle-bustle amidst the wildlife.

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The Complete Guide To Mirissa Shopping: What To Shop And Where

A small town with an enthralling beach: Mirissa stands proud in the southern province of Sri Lanka. Joys never cease to exist in this beautiful and peaceful town, hiding in the lush green palms surrounded by pristine waters. This place oozes the true Sri Lankan charm of exotic and delectable food varieties, colorful cultural backdrops and indulgence into umpteen shopping options. The beach town offers the opportunity of adventures alongside the gigantic whales and surfing with the wind, complemented by several Mirissa shopping opportunities.

One can take a stroll amidst a number of interesting shopping options this place offers. Undoubtedly, the unique settings will make the Mirissa shopping experience worth the time spent.

1. Roosara


This place gives a complete insight into the world famous Sri Lankan gems. Once here one can get to see the procedure of setting gems and converting them into intricate pieces of jewelry. You can exhibit your creativity by choosing your choice of gems from the exotic variety at the display and then design your own jewelry. This jewelry place brings to life the crafted design in the exact form.

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2. Dylans


There can be no better place than the Dylans to give one a beach feel in the most comprehensive manner. With an array of branded surf equipments, this store is a surfers dream come true. One can also buy small gifting items for their journey back home.

3. Podi Kade

Podi Kade

If you want to shop while sipping on some authentic aromatic local coffee, then this place will suit your taste perfectly. A small but cute shop, Podi Kade offers some amazing souvenirs, bags, dresses, earring with gems and tastefully designed wooden artifacts. This shop is a one-stop destination for all your gifting needs, elevating the Mirissa Shopping feel a notch higher.

4. Lazy Ride

Shopping products

If you feel like picking quirky swimwear or clothes with a local touch and a great deal of wearability, then visit the Lazy Ride. This place offers some really cool and stylish surfing stuff and clothing fashion. A lazy evening can be well spent at this place. Explore out of the box, hand-curated, hand painted stuff.

5. Galle Fort


If traveling a bit is not a matter of concern, Galle Fort, which is around 50 minutes drive from Mirissa is a prolific destination to get one’s hands onto some fine batik cloths and an amazing variety of gemstones or some really exciting handicrafts. Be sure not to get carried away by the over persuasive salesmen, who are a common sight here.

Jewellery item

It is essential to plan your shopping so that you do not end up buying things at higher prices. Here are a few things that must be present in your Mirissa shopping bags:

1. Undertaking a shopping expedition in Sri Lanka can be worthwhile if one is into the wide variety of gemstones and jewelry options available here.
2. Mirissa is famous for its batik clothes and a variety of other fabrics and stitched garments.
3. What can be a better place than a beach destination to indulge in surfboard buying or some nice colorful beachwear which you will only find at Mirissa.
4. One can find good quality leather and wooden souvenirs at this place. Not to forget, the vast variety of Sri Lankan tea which forms a good gifting option.

Mirissa is a paradise as far as natural beauty is concerned. It is a scintillating destination which sparks a high level of excitement in any adventure lover. Let yourself be swayed by the sense of joy Mirissa shopping arouses by taking a trip to Sri Lanka at once.

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Chitwan National Park: For An Ultimate Escape Into The Wilderness Of Himalayas

The first National Park in Nepal and later crowned as a World Heritage Site, the Chitwan National Park is on the list of every nature-lover. It definitely tops the list of places to visit in Nepal and just a safari in this park is enough to give you all the reasons why. What’s more is that this site is a home to so many species of flora and fauna that you won’t be able to take your eyes off. The picture-perfect serene and tranquil sceneries that you get to witness here are beyond comparison. While you plan your trip, take a look at all you need to know beforehand.

Best time to visit Chitwan National Park

If you wish to avoid rains and go around the time when the skies are relatively clear, the months of October till March are ideal. However, the best time to see the huge variety of beautiful species here is from January till March.

The Chitwan National Park weather is humid all through the year but the monsoon starts from June till September.

1. Go for an elephant safari

Go for an elephant safari

Sitting on a giant elephant and experiencing the wild with the wild will give you a new level of high. Not knowing where the turns are and directed by the guide through the elephant, the elephant safari through the park will help you spot the animals and birds from an engaging point.

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2. Capture the beautiful flora

Capture the beautiful flora

Spreading across the major region of the park are sal trees but you will also find rosewood, elephant apple, balsam, and gooseberry in the northern slopes of the area. World’s tallest grass like the elephant grass and other species of true grasses are also present here.

3. Spot the enchanting fauna

Spot the enchanting fauna

Apart from the varying range of flora, the park is also home to King Cobra, Rock Python, Bengal Tiger, starred tortoise, monitor lizards, and mugger crocodiles.
If you’re amongst the really fortunate, you can also spot some deers in this natural habitat.

4. Row a canoe

canoe ride in national park

For those who love the canoe rides, this one is definitely meant for you to tour the Chitwan National Park. To witness the crocodiles resting on the shores of other rivers, it is advised to take the Canoe Safari.

5. Hop in for a jeep drive

Jeep drive inside the park

Yet another option to take a trip through this World Heritage Site is to book a Jeep Drive. It is generally included in 3 day-4 nights packages but can also be hired for a single day on special request. The Drive goes through the grasslands, river and sal forests to Kasara which is the headquarters of this National Park. The price for such packages start from INR 8,000 approx.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. Visit the Chitwan Tharu Village

Visit the Chitwan Tharu Villageb

Even though attempts have been made in the past to remove the Tharu tribes residing in the vicinity, the Tharu folk dance is still one of the major attractions of this park and a trip to the village is a must to take a peek into their culture and traditional cuisines.

Essential information about the park

Area: 932 km²
Location: Subarnapur 44200, Nepal
Established: 1973 (Status of World Heritage Site in 1984)
Timings: 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Entrance Fee: INR 750 per person per day (additional tax charges may apply)


A comfortable and luxurious stay near one of the entrances to the Chitwan National Park is a must for a laidback weekend plan to Nepal. Along with the Elephant Safari tours, canoe safaris, and sweet deals on suites, the dining experience served with the freshly grown vegetables and blended spices give an extra kick to your vacation. Green Park Chitwan and Chitwan Village Resorts are some of the other options for a budget stay in the Sauraha region near the park.

Price: Starting from INR 13,000 onwards.
Must Try: Tharu Village Thali which offers a peek into the traditional food of Tharu tribe living in the Chitwan National Park.


This list of places to eat around the Chitwan National Park will satisfy your taste buds like none other.

1. Little Amsterdam

Offering several cuisines including Nepalese food, burgers, wraps and pancakes, it is the perfect stop for a hearty meal before heading towards the park. One can also order a chill beer at a sunny afternoon to beat the heat.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Location:Buspark Road, Jhawani, Sauraha, Nepal

2. Jungle View Restaurant

Good curries, barbeque and an even better view, this place gives it all in one place. Hog all you want here because the prices are reasonable and totally worth it. Being a rooftop restaurant, this place facilitates an aerial view of the surroundings and a good place to click amazing pictures.

Timings:6.30AM to 10:00 PM
Location:Gaida Chowk, Sauraha, Nepal

3. KC’s Restaurant

Set in a cool vibed- thatched roof bungalow, KC’s restaurant creates the perfect mood for winter dinners. With their fire pit and beguiling garden in the background, the chefs here have well executed the menu to offer a variety of cuisines. Viola!

Timings: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Location:Gaida Chowk, Sauraha, Nepal

There are mainly two entrances to the park, Sauraha in the east and Meghauli in the west region of the park.

From Uttar Pradesh, India

If you’re going to this place from India, the nearest city is Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. You can board an air-conditioned bus at the Gorakhpur Bus Station,traveling on alternate days from Varanasi to Kathmandu which will take approximately 6-7 hours to reach.

Travel Tip: A reservation in advance is highly recommended for this route.

From Kathmandu

If you’re coming from Kathmandu, the nearest airport to this place (10 kms away) is Bharatpur Airport and you can easily get a cab from the airport. Flight fares may start from 11,000 Nepalese Rupee (INR 7000 Approx.)

Travel Tip: Try bargaining hard as the cab fares might be high depending upon various factors like fuel strikes etc.

You can also board a bus from Kathmandu to visit Chitwan National Park. The bus leaves just outside Thamel along Kantipath Road and charges may vary. To reach early, you have to start at 07:00 in the morning from Kathmandu.

Here’s a list of additional information pointers that will help you on your visit to this scenic park:

  • Carrying a government approved valid ID proof like an Aadhar Card, Pan card or Passport is a must for all Indians travelling to this destination.
  • For all other foreigners, a valid passport is required to enter Nepal.
  • Make sure you hire a travel guide to get around the National Park, for a better location and understanding of the area and also to avoid any mishappenings in the region.
  • Since this place is home to many insects as well, carry a repellent cream and mosquito nets in case you’re planning to stay at a budget accomodation.
  • Surrounded by rural villages on both entrances, make sure you’re carrying enough Nepalese currency to ensure a smooth trip.

Curious to find out more about the wildlife here? Plan your trip to Nepal with TravelTriangle today and take a safari to experience it all live.

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Shopping In New York 2019: Shop Till You Drop At The Most Popular City Of The States!

It is time to get your credit cards and hit the shopping paradise of the United States, the New York City! If you are in New York, you have to definitely get the shopping experience here. Your trip to the most happening city in the world will be a gigantic waste if you don’t go for shopping in New York. Get yourself warmed up as we are here for a shopping spree!

Here is a list of places and best shopping areas in New York City that you should visit if you are shopping in New York. The list covers all the exciting hubs that people head to when they have to shop for anything in the city:

1. Bloomingdale’s


Wondering what to buy in New York? Bloomingdale’s ravishing collection will attract your eyes like a magnet! Go ahead and check out the collection. The main floor arcade is always crowded and it feels almost like you are standing in the middle of the Time Square on a busy Saturday. If you are looking for a trendy closet, some well priced purely American brands, then hit the second floor and you will get your choice. If you are into designer labels, Bloomingdale’s your top notch place to be and if you are looking for an expensive and intricate lingerie collection, Bloomingdale has it all! The Bloomingdale at the Soho caters to a much younger and hipper crowd.

Address: 1000 Third Ave., at 59th St.; 212-705-2000. 504 Broadway, nr. Spring St
Phone: 212-729-5900

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2. Barneys


If you are planning to buy Manolos, then your go-to place is Barney’s market and it’s worth it. This Madison Avenue flagship market makes a statement. It’s edgy and with a designer fashion outlook. If you explore it, then check out the ground floor, as the lower floors are designed with the utmost sophistication. Here you will find some of the rare and exclusive items like Prada suits. Looking for an Alexander Wang dress? Here it is! Also check out the Helmut Lang tees here, as those are absolutely cool.

Address: 660 Madison Ave., nr. 61st St
Phone: 212-826-8900

3. American Girl Place


This is a 43,000 square foot place and its gigantic area is populated with a range of eighteen-inch historical dolls. One can notice the clothing from the different periods. Other than dolls, one can check out the café and an adjoined bookstore here. Also, there is a photo studio, if you fancy a click. The studio makes the dolls come alive! So, shop for your favorite doll here!

Address: 609 Fifth Ave., nr. 49th St
Phone: 877-247-5223

4. Soho


Once the artists’ mecca, this part of the town has reinvented itself to become one of the posh spots in the city with an outdoor mall. Walk on the fancy cobblestone paved streets and experience the journey, through the loft like spaces. The architecture of this neighborhood has made the area a prettier spot and perfect if you plan a shopping expedition.

Address: W. Houston St. to Canal St.; Broadway to Sixth Ave.

5. FAO Schwarz


Back in 1862, there was a German immigrant named Frederick August Otto Schwarz who initiated a unique toy cottage industry. He started getting the finest European toys for the American society of New York. If you visit the place now, you will see it has been transformed into a kind of place where you get unique and ultra high-end goods, and if you are looking for stuffed animal toys, then you won’t be disappointed. You can also find a nice collection of train sets, dolls, blocks, and board games!

Address: 767 Fifth Ave.; nr. 58th St
Phone: 212-644-9400

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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6. Grand Central Terminal


Balancing your shopping extravaganza with some munchies is the trick to a successful shopping day out. Take a break and have one of New York’s famous cheesecakes, and if you are looking for an authentic one, it can never get any better than the Grand Central Terminal. At this spectacularly restored landmark, you will find Junior’s outpost and a classy lounge, and of course the famous Oyster Bar and Restaurant. Not only that, don’t miss the central attraction here, the lined up shops. Check out the Apple store, Jo Malone, Banana Republic, Papyrus, L’Occitane, and many other outlets of global brands here.

Address: 42nd St., at Park Ave

7. Tiffany’s & Co.


Here comes the most democratic choice for the jewel lovers! If you are looking for New York’s patent styles and designs in jewelry, Tiffany’s is your go-to place. Tiffany’s will welcome you with same warmth and affection irrelevant of the fact whether you have arrived by a town car or a taxi or even a bus. Check out the key rings and the cufflinks here. You can also check out the beautifully designed men’s watches, and ornate kitchenware. If you simply want to indulge, check out the classic six-prong diamond engagement ring here!

Address: 727 Fifth Ave., nr. 57th St
Phone: 212-755-8000

8. H&M


If you are into bargaining and it gives you a kind of kick, the perfect place for you to visit would be any of the H&M outlets. These outlets are perfect for cheap shopping in New York. This Swedish chain will gift wrap you a place with huge lined up fitting rooms and thumping music in the background, but all that is beside the point, only the ridiculously low prices of the brand is enough to attract all the crowd! So what are you waiting for? Fill your shopping bags at one of the best clothing stores in New York City!

Address: Various locations

9. Macy’s


Here awaits a surprise for you, the shop at the 34th street is your miracle maker. It’s not a cutting-edge fashion shop but a stop where you will get all the essentials. If you are looking for big brands, this is the place. You will find all the brands like Esprit, Guess, Ralph, Donna, Calvin, and many more here. Shop till you drop as you would find everything you need here.

Address: 151 W. 34th St., nr. Broadway
Phone: 212-695-4400

10. Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue

The term window shopping was surely coined looking at the windows of Madison Avenue. The strip that you will get here swanks off one after another the celebrity designer shops lined up across 15 blocks. Check out all of the Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, and Giorgio Armani stuff. Madison Avenue also boasts of flagship fashion-house boutiques including Prada, Hermès, and Chanel. Start off at the Mulberry on 57th Street, and be sure to leave some time for the grand finale at Ralph Lauren on 72nd Street.

Address: Madison Ave., 57th St. to 72nd St

Book your trip with TravelTriangle now and enjoy a happening experience of shopping in New York. Get your closet happy and don’t worry about the purse because it’s New York we are talking about! Shop till you drop! Also, do not forget to share it with your friends.

Q. What can you only buy in New York?

A. You can only buy artistic souvenirs from the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Q. Which is the best shopping street in New York?

A. Chinatown is the best shopping street in New York.

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Krka National Park: The Land Of 7 Mystical Waterfalls & Other Geographical Wonders

Krka National Park in Croatia is famous for its cascading waterfalls and most alluring landscapes serving as a cultural, educational, and informational center for the tourists.

If you are backpacking in Croatia and have a day in your hand while you are in Split, the best way to utilize that day is by visiting this national park which boasts of dreamy waterfalls and calm Krka River. Not only will you cherish the adventures in this park but also witness a number of geographical wonders that you have only studied in your books.

Here is everything you need to know to spend a fun-filled day in the Krka National Park:

Krka National Park Information

Location: Skradin, Croatia
Area: 109 kilometer square
Established: 1985
Coordinates: 43°48′07″N 15°58′22″E
Geography: Krka National Park is located about halfway in between Zadar and Split, right in the middle of Croatia’s stretch along the Adriatic Sea. The Southern-European region has preserved ecosystems. Krka Falls inside the park has the second largest concentration of lavender per square kilometer which invites lots of bees and wasps in the area. Krka River flows through the region and falls into the Adriatic Sea forming a Ria, an exceptional phenomenon which happens when a river falls into the sea.

Tickets for Krka National Park can either be bought online or on arrival. The entrance fee in the peak season i.e. July-August costs 150 Kuna which is INR 1,600. The entrance fee includes the boat trip from Skradin Krka National Park.

During the mid-season i.e. September to October, it costs 110 Kuna which is around INR 1,110.

In the low season of winter months, the prices drop down to 30 Kunas which is INR 300. But most of the attractions and even boat rides are closed during this time.

Krka national park opening times: 8 AM to 8 PM

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1. Swimming in Skradinski Buk

Swimming in Skradinski Buk

In Krka National Park, swimming in Skradinski Buk is one of the most refreshing experiences that you must partake during your visit. Skradinski Buk is Europe’s one of the most beautiful calcium carbonate waterfalls which tumble into a swimming pool. The refreshing clear water pool with high waterfalls at one end looks so inviting to take a dip inside. Even if you do not wish to go inside the water, you would want to sit for hours in this places surrounded by lush green vegetation and contemplate about life.

Keep in mind: The best time to go swimming in the natural pool would be from July to August. Since it is the peak season, you would be sharing the pool with a lot of other visitors. In winters, the park does not provide the transport to the falls but you can come on your own if you wish.

2. Watching the Roski Slap waterfalls

Watching the Roski Slap waterfalls

Krka National Park, Croatia is famous for its seven enchanting waterfalls. The cascading waterfalls look so dreamy and are a popular attraction in the park. Roski Slap is one of the six waterfalls and is called ‘necklace’ by the natives because of the lush green vegetation around it. The visitors can watch the majestic attraction from the standing area near the falls.

Do not miss: There is even a water mill on the eastern side of the riverbank which is still in use to grind wheat. The restored mills will take you back to primitive times giving you a taste of simpler lives. You can even tread the old road which dates back to Roman times if you are feeling explorer enough.

3. Finding peace at Krka Monastery

monastery in krka

A popular attraction and also one of the entrance gates, Krka Monastery in the park is worth the visit. Take a stop at the faith station in Krka Monastery where you will find a unique combination of Byzantine and Mediterranean architecture. The monastery sits peacefully above the quiet river and a small lake. The serenity of the surroundings goes really well with the picturesque backdrop the monastery is located in. You can spend hours meditating here and getting to know about Christianity.

How to reach: There is a boat ride which leaves by arrangement from Roski Slap to Krka Monastery

4. Taking a history lesson in Ozidana Pecina Caves

Taking a history lesson in Ozidana Pecina Caves

Stumble upon the Ozidana Pecina Caves which are located on the left bank of the Krka River above the Roski Slap. The cave will take you on a prehistoric journey where you will find human traces dating back to the Bronze Age. Learn how your forefathers used to live in the era with their stone and ceramic tools, artifacts, and preserved skeletons. It is one of the exciting and awestruck things to do in Krka National park.

5. Admiring the Remains of Burnum

ruins of burnum

One of the unusual yet interesting things you can stumble upon inside the Krka National Park are the Remains of Burnum. Just 6 km past the Krka Monastery, you will find the ruins of the only Roman military amphitheater in Croatia. All ruins have a story to tell, so does this one. The dilapidated structure will make you think about the life of troops station here. The vicinity also provides some awesome viewpoint for waterfalls.

6. Visiting the Island of Visovac

Visiting the Island of Visovac

As old as 1445, the tiny island of Visovac in the Krka River treasures a great amount of history and culture. The island was first settled by Franciscan monks who built a monastery in 1445 which was later demolished. Thankfully, the old monastery has been restored for the tourists and visitors and has well-preserved artifacts and a library. You will also find a church dating back to 1576 on the island of Visovac.

How to reach: You can take a boat from Lozovac to the island of Visovac. 30-45 minutes is enough time to spend on the tiny island.

7. Hopping on the boat ride in the park

Hopping on the boat ride in the park

One of the exciting things to do in Krka National Park is taking the boat ride. The park authorities organized boating excursions on the Krka River in the park which takes you to Visovac Island, Roski Slap, Krka Monastery, and the fortresses of Trošenj and Nečven. Enjoy the scenic vistas of mother nature during the exciting boat excursion.

Keep in mind: The boat excursions follow a timetable and all the bookings must be made through the organized groups with the Directorate of Krka National Park. Also, these excursions are only available during the peak season.

How to reach Krka National Park

Krka National Park has five entrances; Lozovac, Skradin, Roški Slap/Laskovica, Burnum/Puljani, and Kistanje/Krka Monastery, of which Skradin is the most common one. If you are traveling from any part of the world, you should know that the nearest airports to the park are Split Airport and Zadar Airport which are both just hour’s drive from the park.

Getting from Split to Krka National Park

There are daily buses available from Split Airport and bus station to Krka National Park and it only takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get here. The airport bus can be booked online from the website of Split Airport. If this bus is not available, you can take a bus from Split to Sibenik for Skradin where the park is located.

If you think you will get confused about changing buses on the route, you can join a pre-organized Krka National Park Tour which is a bit more expensive but are worth for their comfort and convenience.

  • Though all the highlights in the park can be covered in two hours, it is suggested you spend half a day to have a full-fledged experience in the park.
  • It is advised you book your tickets online before visiting Krka national park, especially during the peak season to avoid standing in long queues. You may also join a tour to avoid all the hassle.
  • Most of the attractions in the park are wheelchair accessible except some waterfalls due to rugged terrain.
    It is advised you wear comfortable shoes with good traction. Also, carry your own swimming suit if you want to take a dip in the natural pool.

Croatia is an interesting country to visit on your Europe Tour as it offers a variety of experiences and culture. Make sure you add Krka National Park to your itinerary during your visit to the country.

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Langtang National Park In Nepal: A Nature’s Treasure Hidden In Wilderness

Established in 1976, Langtang National Park is the fourth national park in Nepal which came into existence as the first Himalayan National Park. The park has been a place of curiosity and interest for the wildlife lovers and trekkers alike.

Langtang’s protected area extends from an altitudinal range of 6,450 m (21,160 ft) and covers an area of 1,710 km2 (660 sq mi). The park gets bisected by the the Gosainkunda lake and the Dorje Lakpa range from east–west to south–east. The highest point in the park is the summit of Langtang Lirung(7,245 m (23,770 ft). The northern and eastern border of the national park runs along the international border to Tibet. The western boundary follows the rivers Bhote Kosi and Trisuli and the southern border lies 32 km (20 mi) north of the Kathmandu Valley.

Come prepared for a lot of trekking for your trip to Langtang National Park in Nepal. The exploration of the park involves a lot of footslogging which is why the seasons of Autumn and Spring pose the best time to visit Langtang National Park.

The clarity is great during Autumn (Sept – late Nov) and the views are gorgeous during Spring (Feb – mid April). If you are not the “peak-season-traveler” and are enough warm-blooded then coming here during Winters (Dec – Jan) is also a open-option for you. Winters in Nepal are not snowy but pretty chilly. But a crowd-free trip comes as a perk for visiting the Langtang National Park during this season.

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Langtang National Park in Nepal is very near to the capital city of Kathmandu. This boundless area of natural biodiversity has different points of access. You can reach Langtang National Park from Kathmandu in a 4 hours drive (202Km).

There are early morning buses starting from 7-9 am, that run from Machhapokhari, New Bus Park in Kathmandu to Syabrubesi in Langtang National Park. The ticket fare is between INR 600 – 800.

Since there are no luxury buses running between the two points, you can also opt for a Local Jeep in INR 800 – 1000 or hire a Private Jeep for INR 15,000. The jeep has the capacity to accommodate 6-7 riders and the cost can be shared among them.

There are majorly three treks in Langtang National Park. The treks are filled with forest trails, mountain hikes, village visits and abundance of scenic beauty.

1. Langtang Valley

Langtang Valley in Nepal

Langtang Valley is world’s one of the most beautiful valleys. Central Nepal’s, Langtang valley region is situated 19 miles north of Kathmandu. It is also near to the Tibetan border. Lying closer to the capital, Kathmandu, this trek is easy yet wild. The valley extends from east to west, and Himalayas to the north and the slightly lower Langtang Lirung range to the south.

2. Helambu

Helambu in Langtang, Nepal

About 80Kms from the capital city, Kathmandu, Helambu is a a\region of highland villages. Kelambu trek is a short trek in the un-touched regions of Nepal. The trek starts from Sundarijal, an hour drive from Kathmandu. After an hour, you enter the Shivapuri National Park. You would cover Chisopani, Kutumsang, Thadepati and Sermathang along the way. The trek finally ends at the Melamchi Pul Bazar in the Helambu region. This is a perfect trek to see thick forested mountains with the backdrop of Himalaya.

3. Gosaikunda

Gosaikunda in Langtang, Nepal

Gosaikunda is a gorgeous trek from Kathmandu, that takes six to seven days. The trek starts from Sundarijal, a one hour drive from the capital. Sundarijal is a spectacular place and a picnic spot for locals of Kathmandu, especially due to the waterfall. The trek goes through Mulpani village, Chisapani, Tuksang and Ghopte before you finally reach Gosainkunda. Gosaikunda is a lake surrounded by the hills. The lake is frozen for six months in a year. The breathtaking beauty of the lake and its surrounding pays off the effort you took in trekking for a week.

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A monastery near Langtang, Nepal

The places around Langtang National Park are rich in ancient religious heritage. A majority of the places to visit near Langtang National Park are temples and monasteries.

  • 1. Visit Boudhanath Stupa
  • 2. Pashupati Nath
  • 3. Swayambhunath Temple
  • 4. Golden Temple (Hiranya Varna Mahavira)
  • 5. Kopan Monastery
  • 6. Nyatapola Temple
  • 7. Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  • 8. Taumadhi Square
  • 9. Changu Narayan
  • 10. Patan Museum

A hotel room in Langtang National Park, Nepal

You don’t have to worry about where to stay in Langtang National Park because there a number of good hotels to choose from:

  • Baber MaHal Vilas The Boutique Hotel – INR 9,200
  • United Business Hotel – INR 2,700
  • Hotel Mudita – INR 5,000
  • Hotel Himalaya – INR 8,500
  • Summit Hotel – INR 6,200
  • Hotel Sunset View – INR 4,200
  • Marcopolo Business Hotel – INR 3,200
  • Traditional Comfort – INR 6,000
  • Hotel Kaze Darbar – INR 4,000
  • Hotel Mums Private Limited – INR 2,300

Langtang National Park is indeed a nature’s treasure in the lap of Himalayas. The region has some of the most breathtaking treks in Nepal. Plan a trip to Kathmandu and visit this of the most intoxicating trekking experience and thrilling wildlife encounters.

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Shopping In Denpasar: 6 Best Places To Shop Till Your Drop On Your Bali Vacation

With beautiful, pristine beaches, a number of amazing attractions to explore, and an incredible nightlife, Denpasar is a great destination when you are on an Indonesian vacation. Another superb way to spend time in Denpasar is to explore its shopping malls and local markets. You can shop for everything from clothes and accessories to fabrics to souvenirs.

Shopping in Denpasar is an incredible experience and a must-do to complete your holiday in Bali. Hence, take a look at the best places to go shopping in Denpasar and what you can buy there.

1. Level 21 Mall

Level 21 Mall

If you want to shop in a trendy spot, you should definitely make your way to Level 21 Mall, a popular Denpasar shopping mall. You can visit the many stores that offer something for everyone. Level 21 is one of the latest modern shopping malls in the city, boasting international brand fashion stores, entertainment spots, food and beverage outlets as well as hair and beauty salons over its four levels. It is not only a great place to shop, but also a fun place to hang out.

Location: Jalan Teuku Umar No. 1, Dauh Puri Klod, Denpasar
What to Buy: Clothing and accessories from international fashion brands

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2. Robinson Mall

Robinson Mall

Located right on the northwestern corner of Jalan Dewi Sartika and Jalan Jenderal Sudirmas at the front and a number of stores that offer clothing and fashion accessories from national and international brands. The third floor houses a mens department while the uppermost floor has a game arcade, food court and a supermarket. Robinson ns main intersection, Robinson Mall Denpasar is easy to find. The four-storey mall has a McDonald’s Mall is a one-stop store for all your shopping needs.

Location: Jalan Jenderal Sudirman No.20, Denpasar
What to Buy: Clothes and accessories from national and international names, including Bata, Hugo Boss, Reebok, etc.

3. Populer Batik II

Populer Batik II

One of the major manufacturers, producers and exporters of cotton batiks and fine silk in Bali, Populer Batik II is the best Denpasar fabric market to go to for Indonesian heritage textile. You can even learn about the techniques used to produce each length of batik. Located in the citys outskirts, it is the perfect place for a day trip to learn more about the fascinating world of the countrys world-famous textile. You can shop for fine lengths of batiks and silks and go on a tour for a closer look at skilled artists busy with their craft. You can even join a short course and paint your own batik masterpiece to proudly show off back home!

Location: Jalan WR Supratman No. 306, Tohpati, Denpasar
What to Buy: Ready-to-wear batik items and exquisite framed batik paintings

4. Krisna Bali

Krisna Bali

Also known as Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali, Krisna Bali has been a famous shopping center in Denpasar Bali for wholesale and retail souvenirs since it opened in 2007. This is the place to go if you are looking for locally-crafted clothing, souvenirs and gift items. Krisna Bali offers a wide range of products, from clothing with Bali motifs and prints to woven handbags to traditional snacks. Everything is at a fixed price, but you will be surprised by how affordable things are. If you are looking for cheap shopping in Denpasar for items to remind you of Bali when you return home, make sure to visit Krisna Bali.

Location: Jalan Nusa Indah 79 and Jalan Nusa Kambangan 160 A, Denpasar
What to Buy: Traditional handicrafts, unique jewelry like earrings made of coconut shells, traditional Balinese snacks

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5. Badung and Kumbasari Traditional Market

Badung and Kumbasari Traditional Market

Located in the heart of the city on Jalan Gajah Mada, the largest traditional market in Bali is an amazing place to go to when you want to go shopping in Denpasar. Consisting of a four-storey building that houses all sorts of shops and stalls, Badung and Kumbasari Traditional Market is where you should go for rare Balinese tools and other items that modern shopping malls do not offer. Make your way to the third level where you will find art shops that sell fantastic gold and silver jewelry, paintings, wood carvings and batiks and fine silk. This is one of the most famous markets in Denpasar and a must-visit during your stay here.

Location: Jalan Gajah Mada, Denpasar
What to Buy: Traditional ornamental baskets and incense, gold and silver Balinese jewelry, paintings by local artists

6. Erlangga 2

Erlangga 2

Visit the most fascinating Denpasar shopping center – Erlangga 2. You will love browsing through the many Balinese souvenirs and kick-knacks that it is famous for. Head inside the warehouse-size gallery to check out the seemingly endless rows of bright and vibrant batiks, resort dresses, shawls, beaded jewelry and curios. If you want to shop in the city without bargaining, Erlangga 2 is perfect as the price for everything is fixed but extremely affordable. Outside the main shopping hall, you will find small restaurants that sell light meals and refreshing cold drinks.

Location: Jalan Nusa Kambangan No. 162, Denpasar
What to Buy: Locally crafted carvings, paintings, beaded jewelry

Shopping in Denpasar is never boring as there are many famous markets you can go to for traditional textiles, handicrafts and souvenirs. While there are quite a few modern shopping malls in the city as well, there is nothing like these markets for the ultimate shopping experience on your next holiday in Bali.

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11 Indian Restaurants In Malaysia For An Excellent Gastronomic Experience

A Southeast Asian country known for its beaches and rainforests – Malaysia is beautiful and sunny. There are many Indian as well as Chinese and European cultural influences in Malaysian culture, which is why finding Indian restaurants in Malaysia is not exactly a task. However, finding one which serves good, authentic Indian good might be one. Which is why, we have made this list of great Indian restaurants in the country.

Read on to know more about 10 best Indian restaurants in Malaysia you have to visit while you are on a trip down there. You also get a hint of the cost of Indian food in Malaysia. We suggest you to make bookings in advance because these restaurants can get quite crowded by mid afternoon:

1. MTR Malaysia

MTR Malaysia

One of the best South Indian restaurants in Malaysia, MTR serves beautiful and delicious dosas. They also have thali system (Indian platter) along with different kinds of uttapams and idlis. The food is fresh and served with authentic Indian ingredients, with the aroma of spices hanging in the air! The service is prompt and as the MTR chain has restaurants in Indian cities like Bangalore as well, the ambience is quite nostalgic.

Location: 69 Jalan Thambypillai, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 800/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

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2. Olive Kitchen & Bar

Olive Kitchen & Bar

One of the best Indian restaurants in Penang Malaysia, Olive serves some of the best curries in the area. They also have different options of daal and a range of Indian breads like Tawa roti, Butter Naan and Missi Roti. The atmosphere is quite lively as this serves as a bar for most people swinging by. You can enjoy some of their best cocktails and different kinds of beer with tandoori chicken and other snacks.

Location: 3J Jalan Penang, George Town, Penang Island, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 700/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

3. Bombay Palace

Bombay Palace

This is one of the high-end Indian food restaurants in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Bombay Palace is perfect for a date night. Complete with royal interiors and chandeliers, the place is great for days you miss India. Their food is quite flavourful, however some do find it a little too bland as compared to authentic Indian. But that works well with other tourists who visit the place. They serve different kinds of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes making your experience even better.

Location: 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 1800/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

4. Bakti Woodlands

Bakti Woodlands

One of the most well known Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Bakti Woodlands is frequented by both tourists and locals alike. The food is delicious, and the place is very well priced, which makes it perfect for those days when you are on a budget. They have some of the best uttapams and sambar in the city. The ambience is quite homely and you would find the service to be swift. All in all, a must experience!

Location: 55 Leboh Ampang, City Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 900/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

5. Pia’s the Padi

Pia's the Padi

One of the popular Indian restaurants in Langkawi Malaysia, this place offers a mix of Indian and European cuisines, which is what makes it so special. Run by a mixed couple, you can find dishes like Chicken Butter Masala, Sambal, Thai seafood along with Beef Rendang. Surrounded by paddy fields, the place is perfect for a meal away from the hustle and bustle of regular life, which makes it may be the best Indian restaurant in Malaysia.

Location: Jalan Ulu Melaka, Langkawi, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 3000/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

6. Chakra


Chakra is one of the few Indian restaurants in Johor Bahru Malaysia which serves authentic, flavoursome Indian food. Their preparations of meat and fish are quite popular with the locals as well as tourists. A popular dish here is the Crab Rasam which most people seem to love. The ambience is casual and the servers are polite.

Location: Jalan Yusof Taha, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 1000/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

7. Spice Garden

Spice Garden

One of the best Indian restaurants in Genting Highlands Malaysia, Spice Garden has a variety of dishes and serves satisfying food. The ambience is quite casual and you will find different kinds of Biryani and tandoori chicken on the menu here. The staff is friendly and it is centrally located, making it a good option for lunch/dinner in Genting.

Location: Lot H/G6.00, Highlands Hotel, Genting Highlands, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 1800/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

8. Makan Kitchen

Makan Kitchen

A restaurant by Hilton Johor Bahru, this place is one of the most famous Indian food restaurants in Malaysia. Their spread is quite wide and the buffet has Malay and Asian options as well. Focussing a lot on sea food, the place is a favourite for birthday parties. Their options in ice cream also are quite lauded by locals and tourists alike. Ambience is quite posh and the staff is generous.

Location: 12 Jalan Ngee Heng, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 5000/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

9. Enca Cafe & Restaurant

Enca Cafe & Restaurant

Another great entry on list of Indian restaurants in Penang Mayalaysia is this gem. The food served here is cheap and does not compromise on quality. Although cost of Indian food in Malaysia in general is quite low as compared to some other European countries, still this place stands out. It is squeaky clean and serves a range of dishes from proper Indian spicy dishes like Chicken Tikka and Chicken Vindaloo to less spicier versions and even Western dishes like Pasta and Pizzas. And they do that all while retaining the price, which is a great deal you should not miss out on!

Location: Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Batu Ferringhi, Penang Island
Cost for two: INR 500/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

10. Colonial India

Colonial India

Staying true to its name, this place serves a fusion of Indian, Arabic and Asian cuisines. You will find peppers, samosa, pakoras and cheese naan – all in the same beat here. One of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Malaysia, this place is good for the days you want to portion control and stay away from meat. And, although you will not exactly fall in love with it the first time you see it, you will surely love the food!

Location: Jalan Teluk Baru, Langkawi, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 1800/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

11. Gajaa At 8

gajaa at 8

Gajaa At 8 offers two different ambiences all under one roof. At their restaurant, they aim to bring the ultimate authentic Indian experience to your table. Their menu is as creative and unique as it gets. It is a family-friendly Indian restaurant run by the sweetest people. If you’re hankering for a true taste of India’s cooking in Malaysia, wait no further and head over to Gajaa At 8 for mouth-watering, authentic meals.

Location: No.8 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cost for two: INR 2500/-
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

Q1. How many Indian restaurants are there at the Malaysia airport?

A. Taste of India at Urban Food Court in the Malaysian International Airport is a popular Indian restaurant.

Q2. How to open an Indian restaurant in Malaysia?

A. Here are the basic steps to open an Indian restaurant in Malaysia:

  • Finalise the concept, layout & design of the restaurant
  • Finalise the location of the restaurant
  • Confirm the staffing and menu
  • finalise the business and operating systems
  • Apply for a business license
  • Apply for a work permit for yourself

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