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Go On A Relaxing Walk And Enjoy The View Of These 9 Spectacular Waterfalls In Ratnapura

The island country of Sri Lanka is full of scenic places and many beautiful destinations. If you are a lover of tropical region you will love this island paradise a lot. There are many lovely destinations in Sri Lanka that you would love to visit. One such place is Ratnapura, located in the Central Sri Lankan Province.Ratnapura is the ‘city of gems’ with many gemstones mines includes Sapphires and Rubies. The Ratnapura district is also home to the largest number of concentrated waterfalls. Situated amidst peaks and waterfalls, this place is really a nature lover’s haven.

As we mentioned earlier, Ratnapura has the largest number of waterfalls among other locations in Sri Lanka. Many stunning waterfalls add to the beauty of this lovely district of Sri Lanka. If you are a lover of nature, then you will truly be amazed by the beauty of these of these waterfalls. Take a look at the 9 best waterfalls in Ratnapura district and make the best out of your trip.

1. Bambarakanda Waterfall


With a height of 790 feet, the Bambarakanda Waterfalls in Ratnapura, is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The waterfall is formed by Kuda Oya, a branch of Walawe River. Situated deep in a pine forest the sight of the waterfall is simply breathtaking. Even the road that leads to the waterfall is full of beautiful natural scenarios. A small hike along the mountains takes you to the Bambarakanda Waterfall. You can even walk your way through the base of the waterfall and enjoy a nice shower from the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The top of the falls is covered in mist most of the times, so the view from the base is really stunning. Apart from this lovely waterfall, there are two other small waterfalls on the top of the main waterfall that are equally as beautiful.

Location: Kalupahana Ohiya Road, Sri Lanka

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2. Boptah Ella Falls

Boptah Ella Falls

Situated in Ratnapura district, Boptah Ella is another major waterfall in Sri Lanka. The waterfall is formed in the shape of a Scared Fig leaf or locally known as Bo tree, which is where it derives its name from. Formed, from Kuru Ganga, a tributary of Kalu Ganga, this waterfall is about 98 feet high and is a major tourist attraction. The falls is surrounded by plants and tree and water cascading down the stepped structure is really a stunning view to behold. In addition to being rich in biodiversity, the waterfalls is also steeped in folklore. The locals believe the place to be haunted and that it contains a treasure trove hidden somewhere within the falls.

Location: Agalawatta, Kuruwita, Sri Lanka.

3. Kirindi Falls


This waterfall in Ratnapura district creates an absolutely stunning view during the monsoon season. Even in the dry seasons, the view is equally cool/ you can take a tuk tuk to reach the location of the entrance and then wander down to the viewpoint of the falls. If you are in a mood for adventure, you can even go down to the base of the waterfall, although the road to the base is not clear as not many people frequent this place. But if you are down to it make sure to wear a good pair of trousers and a shoe with a nice grip. With a height of 116 meter, this waterfall is the seventh tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It originates from the Kirindi Ella stream and flows down the Kuttapitiya Mountain. At the base of the fall, the water forms a deep pool but you can only see it during rainy months, as it completely dries up during the summers.

Location: Kuttapitiya, Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka.

4. Katugas Ella Falls


Located not very far from Ratnapura town, Katugas Ella is one of the best waterfalls near Ratnapura. Hidden deep in the jungles this waterfalls is indeed splendid. Since it is hidden inside the jungles, you have to take a little effort to locate the waterfall and there is also no proper path. But once you reach the place, the view is absolutely stunning. The Katugas Ella falls flows into the Kalu Ganga. It is advised that you visit the falls during the drier seasons and avoid it during the rainy season. During the wet months, the road to the falls becomes slippery and there is a high risk of slipping and falling.

Location: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

5. Rajanawa Falls


Situated right next to Ratnapura Kalawana main road, the Rajanawa waterfalls offers a very beautiful natural landscape. The scenery is so beautiful that it has attracted the shooting of multiple famous Sinhala films. Scores of tourist visit this waterfall every year and there are many museums, art galleries and nearby Rajanawa Waterfalls. According the folklore, locals say that King Walagamba used to bathe and organized his army fleet at this spot and hence the falls derived the name Raja (king) nawa.

Location: Colombo Batticaloa Highway, Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

6. Alupola Falls


Located in Wewalwatta region, Alupola is a beautiful cascading waterfall in Ratnapura district. The water falls downs three cascades creating a lovely scenery to behold. The water that flows down the cascades is milky white in formation, so much so that one might wonder if it is really milk that is flowing down the hills. The milky effect is created by the clear water striking the rocks and generating white foam. The natural scenery is nice and you can click some beautiful Instagram worthy pictures in this spot. Reaching the Alupola Falls is easy. Take the Wewalwatta road on Ratnapura Balangoda road and you will easily spot the waterfall on your way.

Location: Ratnapura Balangoda Road, Sri Lanka.

7. Lanka Ella Falls


Located near the Bambarakanda Waterfall, the Lanka Ella Falls is scene of pure beauty. Due to the location of the falls, it is not frequented by travelers often and hence its beauty remains untarnished by human activity. The location of the falls is about a kilometer away from the Lanka Ella Falls and can be accessed only on foot. The water of the falls drops on a rock pool below, which is in the shape of the island of Sri Lanka and hence the name of the falls is Lanka Ella falls. The pool below the falls is not suitable for bathing activity as it is believed to be extremely deep.

Location: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

8. Mapalana Falls


This waterfall is located in the Siripada Mountains and flows from Ella Oya. The height of the waterfall is 141 meters and it is said to be the 4th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. This lesser known waterfall is truly beautiful in its glory. As you gradually approach the waterfall, you can hear the water rushing down the hills. In the wetter months the gushing of the waterfall can be heard from as much as 6 kms away. There is a tea estate near the waterfalls and if you walk for about 50 meters, you will reach the base of the waterfall. The water here is suitable for swimming. You can enjoy a nice bath in the water of the falls. The milky white water bursting from the hills will definitely dazzle you.

Location: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

9. Dehena Falls


The Dehena Falls originates from a small spring called Gaslabu Ella and flows through an impressive height of 73 meter. The water flows down in the form of two twin chutes from the Dehena Mountains. During the rainy season the caves surrounding the waterfall is completely submerged in water, so the best time to visit the waterfall would be during the drier months.

Location: Ratnapura Wewalwatte Road, Sri Lanka.

Nonetheless, this list of 9 best waterfalls in Ratnapura will give you the idea of which ones to visit on your Sri Lanka tour. And while you’re planning add these waterfalls in your bucket list, don’t forget to plan your Sri Lanka holiday with TravelTriangle and enjoy a memorable vacation amidst the nature’s treasure.

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